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  • Day31

    The Alfred Hitchcock Experience

    August 23, 2016 in Portugal ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    A Day at the Beach. And at the Beach a beautiful chapel, look at the Google picture hits when you search for Miramar Beach. The sunset could the beginning of a love story in which the people say: we have still the chapel.
    Yeah, and then comes reality. Waiting for the train, down to the beach, and there a siesta after the couchsurfing event last night. Close your eyes and come to the land of the dreaming story's. But waking up half an hour later you realize that the whole beach is surrounded by a fog. No love story Casablanca style, instead you're in the middle of Alfred Hitchcock's The Fog.
    No one is there anymore, except you're friends...and the dying begins.

    OK, that is a bit too much, and the beach was still beautiful and to see this change in the weather was a bit of what you can expect, when you're on the sea.

    Better is to taste three rounds of tapas with seafood in this country, where they really know how to make it. And the best restaurants are sometimes there were you shouldn't search.
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