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  • Day149

    Market and Wonthaggi

    March 8 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    We set off from the Warragul campsite and found ourselves driving past a “BCF” store, Boating, Camping & Fishing, it sells everything needed to do any outdoor pursuits. In Bertha we have to use biodegradable toilet paper that is only sold in these such shops. Having heard of fights occurring in supermarkets between people buying trolly loads of toilet paper due to coronavirus (didn’t know diarrhoea was a symptom) we were not expecting to find any at BCF. To our surprise they had plenty. We reckon that a 4-pack of toilet paper has doubled Bertha’s value.

    It’s also a day for taking the dust cover off vintage cars, we saw quite a number.

    We stopped off at Kongwak market. I will miss these, they have a great community feel to them, they are interesting to see what is being sold and I love the various styles of live music.

    We drove onto Inverloch- info centre to decide whether to go to Philip Island before or after Wilson’s Promontory. Again we were told that most campsites would be full, so that should probably be our priority. We used their WiFi to find a campsite at Wonthaggi, so we will do Philip Island first. Inveloch has a jazz festival going on, but there isn’t much being played at the moment. We went to the supermarket and then on to the local beach. The beach is part of the estuary offering quite still water that, in conjunction with quite strong (and cold) winds made it a great place for kite and wind surfing. We dipped our feet into the sea and it too was cold so we dint go for much of a paddle. As the sun was setting we drove on to The Park Lane Holiday Park at Wonthaggi, sounds posher than it was.
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