• Day202

    The Pinnacles. What a hike!

    July 30, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 9 °C

    Stated the day with a pain au raison for breakfast in the campervan. We got ready for the Pinacles hike. Its a 6-7hr 30 min hike on the Webb Creek Track so a full on day. We packed lunch the night before and I got my bag ready.  The walk is in the stunning Kauaeranga Valley.

    We started the track walking through the fern forest. There were also some impressive giant redwoods. It was flat to start with. We walked to Billy Goat waterfall first and then along the river. We crossed over a few high suspension bridges. Some were so narrow only 1 person allowed on at a time. It then started to get steep we walked up a rocky path and lots of steps. It kept going on and on but the views were amazing as we got higher.

    We stopped at the Pinnacles hut for lunch and then carried on walking to the summit. There were lots of steep steps going up. It was beginning to get tough but we carried on. It was getting very slippery going up climbing the rocks. There were also some ladders. We were getting pretty high up now and we could start to see the summit. It was a relief when we reached the top and well worth the climb. What a view! You couldn't go right to the end at the top due to risk of falling rocks. We did however manage to climb a bit further up the top. (See 2nd, 5th and 6th picture. The Pinnacles summit is 759 m high. We could see views of the bush, mountains and coastline of the eastern Coromandel.

    Coming down was very slippery. Spent most the time on my bum sliding down. It felt long coming down and our feet were beginning to hurt.

    After 6 and a half hours we completed the hike! I was covered in mud. We drove to Whangamata Motor camp. Had a well needed shower when we got there and then we enjoyed a cold beer. Its $20 to stay here for the night. There was a kitchen and electric plug in. We had to pay $1 for a 6 minute shower. I never know why showers aren't included in your stay at campsites in New Zealand.
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