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January - May 2020
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  • Day140

    Walk and coffee at Lakehouse

    May 29 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌧 10 °C

    Today we went for a walk late afternoon and had a coffee at Lakehouse. We've loved our time here in Taupo but looking forward to leaving on Monday to go down south and continue our travels. Can't believe there only 1 active case of coronavirus in NZ now! Best news. I'm so glad we stayed here during lockdown.Read more

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  • Day136

    Beer tasting at the Crafty Trout Brewery

    May 25 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    This afternoon we wen to thr crafty trout brewery in Taupo. We tasted 4 different beers. My favourite was the Taupo pale ale. We also tried beer bread with garlic and butter. We relaxed in the brewery all afternoon hiding from the rain playing rummy.

  • Day135

    Chilled Sunday

    May 24 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌧 11 °C

    This afternoon we went to Piccolino cafe for a coffee. I had a large Cappuccino sprinkled with chocolate. We went for a short walk and spent the rest of the day reading because the weather wasn't great and watched pirates of the carribean in the evening.

  • Day134

    14km walk to 5 mile bay

    May 23 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

    This afternoon we went for a walk on the Great Lake walkway. We walked 7km to five mile bay. It took us 3 hours to walk there and back. It was nice to see the mountains from a different side of the lake and also had views of Mount Tuahara. Its crazy to think how big lake taupo is. We only walked a small section of it. The entire lake to walk would be 155km! Which is about 96 miles.Read more

  • Day133

    Rose garden, Lake and Wine

    May 22 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    Back to base in Taupo. Feels like it's are home now we've spent so long there! We went for a walk through the rose garden by the lake and walked down to the lake. It was a lovely sunny day, but getting cold now. We then strolled to a local coffee shop, cafe Baku. Enjoyed a latte and custard slice. I was able to use their WiFi to catch up on ny travel blog and Ashleigh downloaded photos and videos from his gopro.

    In the evening we went to Lakehouse for a few glasses of wine. It was nice to see it busy for a change since after lockdown. There must of been tourists and kiwis visiting the area for a weekend away. From this Thursday you can go to pubs and bars for a drink so that could of been another reason why.
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  • Day132

    Tauranga - Mt Maunganui & Kaiate Falls

    May 21 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    We woke up about 8.30 had breakfast and left about 10am. Arrived at Tuaranga for a hike up to Mt Maunganui. We had 360 degree views over the Bay of Plenty. The walk was definitely worth it and it was a beautiful sunny day. We then walked down to Mt Maunganui beach. We stopped in a cafe for lunch. On the way back we stopped off at Kaiate Falls to do the hike to the waterfall. It was very impressive surrounded by forests. On the drive back to Taupo the sat nav took us up some bumpy windy roads. But it meant we catched the sunset over the hills.Read more

  • Day131

    Rafting, Gondola/Luge & Redwoods

    May 20 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    This morning we picked up the hire car at 8.30 from RAD. We drove straight to Roturoa rafting. It was such a nice feeling to be on the road again. We arrived early so we went to the cafe next door for a coffee. The cafe was called Okere Falls Store. It had a lovely beer garden at the back so we sat outside in the sun. We then went for short stroll across the bridge over the river where Ashleigh will be doing his rafting.

    Ashleighs rafting experience

    At Rafting Rotorua, I was greeted with my guide and given all the gear to get into ready to get on the river. We were handed our helmets which I was able to attach my gopro to. Excited to go, the guide introduced us all together who would be on his raft. He takes us across the road where the raft is there ready to get on. He tells us he has worked all over the world such as Norway and Japan but this is the one he keeps coming back to as it is the most exciting and safe.

    As we cross the highway, he tells us this is the most dangerous part of the whole experience. We get onto the raft and gives us a quick briefing of what we will be going down. From the start there was a few smallish rapids. We do a 180° spin and go down some of them backwards; this is fun. Then we pull in at a calm bit and he explains whats up next. We are shown what to do under his instructions from sitting on the edge of the dingy to paddle, to which handles to grab when he says hold on and then how to crouch inside the raft when we hit the big bits.

    We go down some fast flowing water and small falls getting wet along the way. Then we could get out of the boat for a quick swim before carrying on. We pull in just before the big 7 metre fall which is the largest commercially taken rafted fall in the world, apparently.

    When we pull in, the other rafts are already there and the guides tell us a legend of how the river got it's name Kaituna which is to eat fish in maori. He tells us that a chief once died at the fall and we must let him know that we respect the river and ask him to allow us to pass the fall safely. If we do not call to hi. As we go down then he might pull us under the water and slap us about a bit before we can go on. After repeating what to say after the guide, there is no way any of us are going to remember it. Looks like we're in for a few underwater slaps from the maori waterfall chief.

    Our guide puts me towards the front of the raft with the others so we well be more likely to tip at the bottom (all part of the fun). We don't tip and have survived it without being pulled under and slapped about. Thank you maori waterfall chief.

    At the next rapids, the guide gives us the option to jump out and go down these off the boat. I take this option which was pretty good.

    Not too far after that, we come to the end of the tour and carry the raft up to the car park before being driven back to the base for a warm shower.

    While Ashleigh did his rafting Conny and I went with the photographer a long a path by the river. We were able to watch Ashleigh go down the first waterfall and the large waterfall Okere Falls. I managed to catch a video. We found some caves near the waterfall while we were there. We then got back on the road and stopped off at a picturesque spot by the lake to have our packed lunch.

    Next we drove to Skyline Roturoa to go up the gondola and to do the luge. The luge is a part go-cart, part toboggan and moves by gravity. We went up in the 900m long gondala and had spectacular views of Lake Rotorua, the city and steaming geothermal vistas. At the top is known as Rotovegas.

    We then headed to the top of the gondola with excitement. We had 3 goes on the ride. The first was scenic, then intermediate and last adavanced. It got quicker by the 3rd track. It was great fun! Ashleigh manged to get a video on his go pro. After this we went to Wendy's a fast food restaurant for a burger and fries. We wanted to eat in but when we arrived they asked us to download an app to order online and pick up. Unfortunately the app didn't work on are UK phones so we had ton go through drive through and then sat in to eat inside.

    Next we drove to Redwoods to do the night tree walk. It was such a magical place. We were 20m high up in the trees surrounded by lanterns and different coloured lights. In the evening we stayed at a lovely air b&b in Tauranga. The couple Judith and Leon were very welcoming.
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