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  • Day2

    Sightseeing @ Delhi

    February 3, 2018 in India ⋅ 🌫 16 °C

    Saturday early morning! ☉
    We didn't sleep a lot in this dirty room... we left as soon as we could and took a taxi to Delhi city!
    Ready to explore the city...
    At least... that's what we thought.
    The moment we arrived in Delhi, people told us there was a strike for 2 days. Everything is closed, you better book a excursion and leave today!

    FORTUNATELY we learned our lesson in Marrakech. This was a rip off! People in the street worked together for the same "official" (NOT!) Tourism office.

    We left immediately and went to starbucks to book our hotel and our trips for the following days.
    Long live the internet! 😄
    Even in starbucks there was "a friend" of the tourism office that pretended to be somebody else. Haha
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