February 2018
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  • Day9

    Flying home! Yay!

    February 10, 2018 in Belgium ⋅ ❄️ 1 °C

    We couldn't wish for a better flight!
    It's the perfect ending of our trip!
    We really enjoyed the excellent service on board!
    And it's always great to see my collegues.

    So nice to be served by my Indian collegue Joshua.
    What a coincidence. Because last time we flew together (december) he gave me all kind of tips& tricks for traveling in India! 😊 Thank you Joshua!! 💋

    Ps: this was the FIRST time I was flying business with my own company! 😄

    We arrived saturdaymorning. A relaxing weekend ahead of us! 😉 Life is good!!!
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  • Day8

    Starbucks, Mumbai airport

    February 9, 2018 in India ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    UGH! We arrived at Mumbai (17.30h) and our flight to Brussels is at. 1.15h (midnight).
    So we have 7 hours to spend at the airport....
    That's a looooong time! Fortunately there is Starbucks and WIFI! 😄

    Time passes like molasses.... 💤💤💤

    So ready to go home! 😍

    Update: Can you believe this? We've spent 7 hours at the airport waiting and waiting...
    And at the end we had to RUN to catch our flight!
    So typical us! What happened?
    1,5 h before flight we went to check-in. Then we found out we were at the wrong terminal (domestic flights), the international terminal was 15 min drive with heave traffic!!!! So you can imagine... it was all about stress, running and frustrations! 😄 Fortunately we made it on time!!! ❤
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  • Day8

    Bye bye GOA! Off to Mumbai Airport

    February 9, 2018 in India ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

    And we end our holiday at the beach with a delicious Indian Lassi! 🍹 Love it!
    After our drink, we took a cab to Goa airport where our flight had 2,5 h delay.
    There were many problems at the airport, so we decided to cancel our last day at Mumbai and return home one day earlier.
    The good thing is... I am flying to Mumbai for work, so there is plenty of time to discover Mumbai city! 😉
    For now... we are ready to go back home.
    It was a very cultural trip. So thankful we got the chance to experience Indian culture and got to see some of the most beautiful (Taj Mahal) & holy places (Varanasi) in India.

    Looking back with only good memories! ❤
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  • Day8

    Calangute Beach

    February 9, 2018 in India ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Yay! This is VACATION! 🌴☉
    Huge showrooms filled with exquisite handicrafts from Kashmir, Rajasthan and other exotic places.
    So nice to walk around and enjoy the handicrafts & souvenirs.
    We bought an Indian elephant decorated piece.
    And the man in the shop gave Yves a piece of Amethist for free. He felt he had to give it to Yves for his "energy". 😉Read more

  • Day8

    Calangute beach, GOA

    February 9, 2018 in India ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Almost time to go back to the airport...
    We can NOT leave Goa without seeing any Beach!
    Termed as the Queen of Beaches, Calangute beach is the largest in North Goa.

    It is a hub for tourists and backpackers for swimming, watersports, partying, etc...
    Since Yves & I aren't really beach people, we enjoyed a nice walk with our feet in the Arabian sea! 😍
    Summer feeling! Even it's winter in India. 😉

    And of course... there are cows everywhere! ❤
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  • Day8

    Mapusa market, GOA

    February 9, 2018 in India ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Last hours in Goa... What to do?
    Oh, it's friday! That means we can visit the Mapusa Friday Market. 😄
    This is a traditional weekly market in Mapusa, North Goa.

    Vendors selling a variety of local products brought in by farmers and small entrepreneurs from all over Goa.
    You will get everything in this market from locally grown fresh fruits to pottery.

    The market is especially known for spices, marinated pork sausages, strings of Goan home-made chouriço, cashew nut shops and of course fenny stores. Seedless tamarind, pickles, vegetables, Goan sweets like Chana Doce and Dodola, clothes, jewelry, fresh flowers and home-made wines. Shop til you drop! 😉
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  • Day7

    Goan cuisine @ Panaji, GOA

    February 8, 2018 in India ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    During our time in Goa, we stayed at an hotel in PANAJI.
    Panaji or Panjim is the capital of Goa and located in the middle of North & South Goa.
    There's a famous restaurant we had to try...
    "The fisherman's Wharf" was without a doubt or BEST meal in India.

    Our menu:

    DRINKS: 2 mocktails

    STARTERS: samosa

    MAIN COURSE: Chicken Tikka Tandoori (Yves)
    Kingfish Goa Style (Sin)
    + Cheese garlic naan

    DESSERT: Dodol (traditional soft pudding garnished with almonds and served warm with ice-cream, this delicious combination is so yummy!!)
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  • Day7

    Basilica of Bom Jesus @ Old Goa

    February 8, 2018 in India ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    On our way back to Panaji, we passed the Basilica of Bom Jesus.
    It is located in old Goa and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    It's a beautiful building, but we didn't spend much time in it. We've seen churches before! (Europe!!) 😉

  • Day7

    Spice plantation @ Ponda, GOA

    February 8, 2018 in India ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    In Goa there are some major spice plantations, where you can see how spice plants look in their natural environment, and how they are grown and processed.
    This was sooo interesting and fun!
    India... land of spices! ❤

    You get a warm welcome with flowers, hot herbal tea and a Goan meal full of spices (of course!!) served on a banana leaf!
    See how spices, coconuts, betel nuts and fruit grow. Visit a cashew nut factory and try the typical Goa Cashew drink (alcoholic).

    Oh... at the end they have a "tradition" where they poor some cold water down your back... brrrr... but refreshing! 😄
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