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  • Day9

    Day two to Porrino

    January 20 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 9 °C

    A frosty start to the day today. Headed off on the wrong path. Luckily a couple of other walkers let me know. Who knows where I would have ended up 😀. Walked a good 17kms with a lovely young American girl. It was great to have her company and helped during the hills (the down was particularly challenging on my knees). She had spent a semester of University at Otago. The second part of my walk without her wasn't much fun. I thought I had missed a turn off (lost confidence after the effort in the morning haha ) as there was a 3km stretch on the road. A little bit scary with trucks and buses hurtling past at 80km. Had to follow directions to my hotel and somehow managed to find it. Got to my room and fell asleep for over an hour!Read more