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  • Day1

    Porto - Brussels - Warsaw - Brok

    October 20 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    The day began with the first adventure. At four in the morning we are all ready to begin our journey, but, hold on ... there is no transfer. Call after call has always the same answer: the phone number you want to contact has no active voicemail ... ten minutes later, a sleepy Mr André Silva responds ... it seems that he was not notified, or the service was cancelled, or something else .... After ten more minutes there he comes behind the wheel of a gigantic bus which makes us all laugh about - seven people for a seventy people capacity bus. After all his excuses we left for Atafona to get a 9-seater van which, to add to the delays, was without diesel. We finally left towards Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport at 4:40. Fortunately, these three hours in advance for the flight are enough not to panic as we see the huge queue awaiting us at the airport security check. From now on everything is mice and smooth with the first lesson of the day - how to move around an airport.
    Already in Brussels the waiting time between flights goes fast. Everybody is having fun playing Uno and all are happy for the next leg that takes us to Warsaw Modlin Airport.
    On arrival we still have to wait a while for our Polish hosts who will take us to Brok. It is here, in a restaurant with typical Polish food, that we meet the families of the students who will host the students from our school. For me, it's time to meet good friends. For my fellow travelers it's all brand new, ready to be used! It is good to see this anxiety that will end up in tears of longing, later this week.
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