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  • Day9

    Dinner in Cape May

    July 15, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 24 °C

    Tonight we partook in a Cape May tradition. It seems that everyone who comes to Cape May has to have dinner at The Lobster House. This restaurant seats 2000 people at a time and specialises in seafood - especially lobster. The decor is 70's Fisherman's Table as are the waitress uniforms. Despite seating so many, you can't book a table, you just have to turn up and wait.

    So, Andrew takes Mercina and Oliver and drives there at 5:30pm to get a table. They tell him there is a 1 hour wait an they give him a beeper. He comes home and tells us that dinner is at 6:30pm! Mercina thought this was a great trick. She wants to be a Bares!

    There was an extensive menu of seafood. Cina and I shared the Lobster House special which consisted of lobster tail, shrimps and scallops - all fresh from the sea - on a bed of linguine with a side salad, vegetables and a baked potato. This was actually a meal for one but it was more than enough for the two of us. Eva had a one pound lobster all to herself. Andrew and Kelly had oysters for entree and Mercina decided to try one. We didn't tell her until afterwards that the oyster was raw! It was a great meal.

    After dinner we drove back to the Ashley Rose. Andrew, the kids and I walked down to the waterfront to soak up the atmosphere. There is a boardwalk with arcade games and souvenir shops - lots of flashing lights and noise. We played mini golf and had a great time.

    A fantastic end to our first day in Cape May township
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