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  • Day7

    Montenegro - Part 2

    November 3, 2018 in Croatia ⋅ ☁️ 68 °F

    More pics. Lunch at Cesarica
    375, Stari Grad, Kotor 85330, Montenegro
    +382 69 049 733, Cesarica, Stari Grad, Kotor 85330, Montenegro&ftid=0x134c3304bf524f51:0xd3167c5fde6d3f2e&hl=en-US&gl=us

    Wandered the streets - this is definitely a town to come visit. Wish we would have had the time to climb up to the fortress at the top of the hill. That would have made for a great view. This little town is alive with cats. Love the pic of all the cats sleeping on the park bench together. Priceless. The tour guide was great - spoke superb English. Got her degree in tourism and hospitality from the college in town.

    So we had about 3 hrs in Kotor and then had to head back. Dropped into a pastry shop for a roll of some sort that had poppy seed filling in it. It was different - maybe those poppy seeds were fixed with figs? Almost tasted like it. Seemed like the ride back was shorter - minimal hang up at the border. Nice sunset on the way in to the hotel in Dubrovnik. Once back at the hotel, we spent some time talking with new friends about all the TV series we both watch. We obviously have similar tastes! Went up to the room, packed, and then decided it was time for some more food. It appears I’m catching a cold (of course), so decided a burger, soup, beer, and chocolate cake was just the ticket. And it was delicious! Trying to burn up those Croatian kunas. One more night in Vodice and then we’re on to Slovenia where they use the Euro.
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