We are a couple of regular people who love traveling and trying new food and drinks along the way! We had a baby in 2016 and will be traveling as a family of 3 from now on! :)
  • North Conway NH

    September 1, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

    We were up around the regular time after a good nights sleep. We had cereal for breakfast at our condo and headed out to storyland at 9:00. We stopped nearby at Patch’s market to get sandwiches and snacks for lunch. We had brought a cooler which we kept in the car. Storyland opened at 9:30 and it was good to get there a little early because lines were a little long and we didn’t buy advance tickets. We went on many rides, saw the Daniel Tiger show at 11 and had lunch around 11:30. Maggie wasn’t interested in afternoon rides so we went to the toddler play area where they have a playground and things to look around in. She enjoyed it. Prices weren’t too bad for lunch and games but gift shop and snacks/beverages were crazy expensive. We left around 2 after a pretty full day. It was busy there but lines moved fast. Maggie has a fun time and I think she’d enjoy it even more as she gets older.

    We went back to the condo and played in the indoor pool for a little while and then the playground/sandbox by the clubhouse. At 4:45 we headed over to the White Mountain Cider Co. to get dinner. Myron got hangar steak with scallion pancake and Sherilyn got porcini dusted chicken and pasta. Maggie got French fries. All the food and drinks were amazing and it was pricey but delicious. Maggie wasn’t great at dinner but we still got cider donuts and icecream for dessert. We relaxed a bit before bedtime.

    Monday morning was boring. We just packed up the car and headed home. It was rainy so we hit a lot of traffic coming home.
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  • North conway, NH

    August 31, 2019 ⋅ ☁️ 10 °C

    We drove up to North Conway on Saturday 8/31 for Labor Day weekend. We left around 8am right after breakfast at home and didn’t hit much traffic. We found parking across from the community center in downtown North Conway and walked around a bit. There were a lot of yard sales and craft fairs going on but we didn’t get anything. We used the bathrooms in the community center (free). Playground in the center of town was very convenient and Maggie had fun running around for a half hour.

    We tried getting into Conway scenic railroad but all the tickets were sold out. Next time!! We went to Flatbread Co. for lunch and got a couple pizzas. Delicious, unique combinations. We stopped at 18°C for icecream and went to Zebs general store to pick up a few things. We stopped into the Toy Chest and Maggie got a train which she has played with ever since.

    After shopping we returned to the car since all the parking lots are 2 hour limits. We left North Conway and went to Diana’s baths which was too busy and the parking lots were full. We ended up at Echo Lake state park which had a lovely beach and hiking options. We changed into bathing suits at their bath house and went swimming and laid in the sand for a bit. $8 to park but it was a nice way to break up the day. We left there around 3 to check into our hotel.

    We stayed at the Seasons at Attitash resort, unit 3A. It was a nice condo, well stocked and had 2bath, 2 beds. Lots of games and movies plus a full kitchen. Maggie played for a bit while we relaxed and went out around 5 to get dinner and groceries. We stopped at Grants shop n save close by and got a few breakfast items and milk for coffee. Maggie wasn’t behaving well so we ended up back at the condo and ate chicken salad sandwiches for dinner. She went to bed around 7 and we played board games until 9.
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  • Day10

    Amsterdam - departure home & baby tips

    February 22, 2017 in the Netherlands ⋅ 🌧 9 °C

    Our goal was to leave the apartment by 6:45 as we had a 10:30 flight out of Amsterdam Schipol for Boston. It didn't work out very well and we were scrambling to finish everything in time and we still didn't leave until 7. It was raining earlier in the morning but stopped by the time we left so we decided to just walk since we had (still) not figured out the tram system in Amsterdam. The city was very walkable so we really never had any need to take the tram anywhere. Anyway, we took the train to the airport and waited in a lot of lines at Schipol. Poor Maggie had a blowout while we were waiting in line for security and we still had to wait in line to go through. Finally we got to the other side and were able to get into a bathroom to change her. We went to the customs booth to get a stamp so we can get a refund on the VAT we paid on our Delftware vase. Then made our way to the gate as quickly as possible and got on the flight with a little time to spare. Maggie didn't do as well on the way home since it was during the day. We were in a cycle of nap, play, eat, but she was fussy from not being able to run around and have some variety. Eventually we landed though and overall it was a good flight. We definitely had a great time traveling and didn't feel that we missed out on anything because we had her with us. If anything, we would've stayed out later at night or maybe visited a coffeeshop, but that didn't detract from our experience at all.

    Here are some notes I made about traveling with a 6.5 month old.
    -Amsterdam was tough with all the stairs but it was manageable. Would be better to have an apt on the ground or first floor, but we made do with our 2nd floor apt.
    -Stroller (folding) and front carrier were a must! Being able to lay her down for naps with the canopy was a lifesaver. We have a Baby Jogger City Mini and it was amazing. She took 30min naps, which is what she does at home generally. We kept her warm with a crochet blanket and she also wore a winter coat and moccasins (after we bought them in Haarlem).
    -Pre-filled bottles with water and formula in a formula dispenser. We had bought a Zero water filter cup on Amazon so we didn't have to buy bottled water the whole time we were there (We use a Pur filter at home for her bottles).
    -Tether toys with a casino slinky (the things that you use at casinos so you don't forget your card), and use a pacifier tether too so it doesn't get dropped everywhere.
    -Folding cloth high chair: another thing we bought on Amazon. It was useful in our apt but didn't fit a lot of the chairs there. When the back of the chair is hard, we found that Maggie hit her head on the chair back a lot.
    -Jarred food from home with extra spoons. We had a lot of pears on hand in case of constipation.
    -Bought Pampers there but they seem less absorbent and she smelled of pee whereas at home this isn't an issue. Just more annoying than anything. Next time I'd rather bring the diapers and have extra luggage room when we go home.
    -Not many places to change her diaper. Restaurants/churches did not tend to have a baby changing space but larger restaurants and museums did have changing pads. We brought the folding pad from our diaper bag which was useful for every purpose. We changed her in the stroller, on bench in a bar, on bathroom counters, pretty much everywhere...
    -Set up the changing station in her bedroom with wipes, diapers, etc. Here we just used a towel as a changing pad. We did this on one of the twin beds that was in the room.
    -We brought an emergency kit with medications we could use in case of emergency. I brought this on the plane with me which was not an issue but did require extra screening. Included Benadryl, Tylenol, Saline/bulb suction, Pedialyte and diaper cream.
    -Time zone change was difficult for the first night. We tried to replicate home bedtime routine. The first night we weren't able to get her down for good until 11pm which was home bedtime (6hr ahead of home time). Knowing that made things less stressful. Future nights were 100% normal and she went down easy. We only shifted her by 3hr instead of 6hr so we could get up a little later than normal and put her to bed later than normal. At home she's awake from 6am to 6pm but on vacation we typically had her awake from 8:30am to 8:30pm or so.
    -Time zone change going east to west (coming home)... the travel day was very long. On the plane she took 2 naps 30min each. Was very overtired and screamed once we landed. Did a crib nap once we got home but we had to wake her up as her body "thought" it was bedtime at 2:30pm. Then the next morning she woke up at 3:30/4 and wouldn't go back to sleep. We got her up at 4:20 finally. Luckily we had the day off from work. By the following day she was back to her normal sleep schedule.
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  • Day9

    Den Haag & Delft

    February 21, 2017 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    We got a late start to the day. Breakfast at our apt to use up what we had left essentially. We walked to Amsterdam Centraal Station and caught a 9:30 train to Delft. Delft is a small town, famous for Delftware. We walked around the town for about 3 hours, stopping at the old church, new church, central town square, an amazing Lego store, and a Delftware place (de Chandelaar). We ended up buying a gorgeous Delftware vase there, which was expensive but well worth it. We could see the artists in the back of the store making and glazing the pieces. We had lunch at Stads Koffiehuis, a small cafe with artisan sandwiches, coffee, high tea. It was very good!

    After a few hours, we made our way back to the train station and took the train to Den Haag which was only a 10min ride away. At Den Haag we made straight for the Mauritiushuis, a small art museum with a number of works by Rembrandt and other Dutch masters. This was probably our favorite museum of the entire trip!

    After the museum we walked to Impero Romano. We were there a bit early (around 4:30), but wanted to go there per a friend's recommendation, and needed to head back to Amsterdam soon after. So we were the only ones in there and it was very awkward to say the least. They basically opened just for us even though they were still preparing for the dinner crowd. Oh well. The food was good..I got a black papardalle pasta with scallops and M got a gnocchi dish. After dinner we made our way back to the train station to Amsterdam. Since we had eaten so early, we got a few sandwiches from Albert Heijn and had those while we packed that evening.
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  • Day8

    Amsterdam - Rijksmuseum

    February 20, 2017 in the Netherlands ⋅ 🌧 8 °C

    We woke up and had cereal and yogurt in our apt. We walked over to the Rijksmuseum with some stops for souvenirs, Hard Rock Cafe stuff and to buy some more diapers for Maggie. We spent from 11am to 3:30pm at the museum and only saw about half of the pieces there. The museum is the national museum of the Netherlands so it's huge and comprehensive. There were tons of pieces by Dutch artists like Rembrandt and Vermeer. We had lunch at the cafe there: soup and sandwich with wine and beer. It was tasty but overpriced (as was much of the food in Amsterdam). The audio guides we had downloaded in advance were good. The museum had free Wifi which was required to use the audio guides. The museum was well equipped for the stroller and had lots of elevators. We wish we had pre-booked the highlights tour that they have every day at 11am, but by the time I realized we were supposed to pre-book it, there was only 1 spot left.

    After we finished up there (we were really tired of museum-ing), we walked about 45min to Brouwer'tij, the windmill brewery and had a few drinks and bar snacks. We walked back to the city center as the sun was going down. The RLD was quite lively at night! We weren't really sure what we were going to do for dinner but we walked by the Butcher which is a burger restaurant so we figured we'd just stop there and have a quick dinner before heading home. It was just OK, nothing special. The service was fast and we got back to the apt quickly to call it a night.
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  • Day7

    Amsterdam - city center touring

    February 19, 2017 in the Netherlands ⋅ 🌧 6 °C

    We made a large breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast. We were woken up this morning by Maggie singing in her crib (yes, literally). After sitting around for awhile and playing, she took a nap and when she woke up we headed out for the day. We went on a self-guided tour of the Red Light District and city center.

    First up was the New Church (Nieuwe Kerk) which was nice but we felt not worth the cost of admission (however it was free with our MK). El Greco's art was on display which was really the only thing we thought worth seeing there.

    Next was the Royal Palace next door. This was originally the city hall and when the French took over, it was turned into a palace for the royal family. Now it's kind of a mix of both and used for state functions and as a museum. There was a free audio guide and the rooms were laid out over one floor so it was accessible. Very interesting tour. We got lunch next - nothing special - street food pizza and french fries.

    We made our way through the RLD to the Oude Kerk (old church). This was also (thankfully) free with the MK, but again we didn't think it was worth paying to enter. The churches we saw in the Netherlands were all kind of plain compared to the ones we've seen elsewhere in Europe. There was a strange art exhibition inside which was a bunch of broken mirrors all over the ground...? At first we thought it was a mistake but there were a lot of them. Maybe we are just not artsy enough to understand it? However, in the back of the church there was an amazing cafe where we had cappuccino and cake in the tiny garden. It was so peaceful and lovely there. Definitely worth a stop!

    Next up was the Museum of Our Lord in the Attic. Back when being a Catholic was an underground secret affair, people made churches in their houses. This was one of the only remaining examples (not sure if it is the only) and was very cool to see. Lots of stairs but it was laid out well and had a free audio guide. This was definitely a favorite of the day! We learned a a lot there.

    We stopped at Brouwerij de Prael nearby to buy some beers. We didn't understand what we were buying at the time but it turned out to be an anti-hangover beer. We walked towards the pier to catch our canal cruise. We took a 1 hour canal cruise with Greyline, which included a free audioguide (was 16 euro each I believe). It was fun, definitely worth doing but this particular tour was definitely a tourist trap and overpriced. We did some souvenir shopping and walked to dinner.

    We had a 6pm reservation at Kantjil and de Tijger, a popular Indonesian restaurant that had been recommended to us by two tour guides. We got the "rice table" which was the Indonesian's way to introduce all of their best dishes to the Dutch when they immigrated there. There was 15 total dishes, though some of them were palate cleansers and accompaniments. Still - tons of food! Very tasty food and drinks there. To drink we got a Bali iced tea which was basically like a Long Island iced tea, and Kantjil Delight (lime, vodka, mint, ginger). Delicious meal and highly recommend. They were accommodating to the baby and had a high chair at our table when we arrived, and there was also a changing table in the restroom thankfully. Maggie was very tired and had a little meltdown towards the end of the night so we headed back to the apt to put her to bed.
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  • Day6


    February 18, 2017 in the Netherlands ⋅ 🌫 5 °C

    We didn't sleep well due to the laundry. We woke up late-ish but made our goal of being out the door by 9am. We got some overpriced pastries and coffees from a bakery. We caught the train to Haarlem (17 euro roundtrip for both, which took only 20min. It was very easy. We walked to Molen de Adriaan, a windmill that I had read about. We took a simple guided tour there for 3.50euro per person. It was a great tour. The people who worked there were just sitting around before we got there, and they were happy to show us around. The tour lasted an hour and involved a lot of climbing but it was really informative and we learned a lot. Unfortunately it wasn't a clear day when we were up top so we couldn't see much of Haarlem but still worth doing. I had no idea windmills were used for so many things. This particular one was used for grinding corn among other things. The windmill burned down and was rebuilt in 1999 so it felt very safe inside. After some selfies with the windmill, we walked through the Grote Markt, a large street market similar to the Albert Cuypmarkt. We bought lunch of a mushroom arrancini, doner kebabs, and a stroopwaffel. We bought Maggie some moccasins because she had only been wearing socks up until this point (doesn't normally wear shoes at home because they fall off), and they were a great investment. We stopped for coffee and sat outside under some heat lamps at the Lima Cafe. Service could've been better for sure!

    Went to the Grote Kerk and did a self-guided tour. We spent about a half hour there. It was interesting but very cold inside. Next, we walked a few blocks to the Jopenkerk, a brewery inside of an old church. Great beer but slow service (apparently a common theme for Haarlem). Inexpensive for what we got though. Maybe we were sitting in a bad spot and the bartenders couldn't see us. We took the train back to Amsterdam at 5:15.

    We got dinner at Fou Fow Ramen in the Jordaan area near our apt. It was so busy every time we walked by but we were lucky to get a table. The food was great and fast. We luckily got there at a good time because as we were leaving, the line was out the door.
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