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  • Day62

    Food & Drinks Part II

    December 8, 2018 in Colombia ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Here a few culinary-photographs:
    1.) drinking a super yummy lemonade, made out of coconut water and lemongrass in Cusco, Peru (will definitely try to recreate it at home)
    2.) eating churros - what can I say? You can tell by my happy face!
    3.) eating trucha („Forelle“) with lots of garlic - I was kinda smelly for 2 days and had some stomach problems after, but it was worth it, haha!
    4.) trying „obleas“ in Guatape for the first time, a kind of waffle with Marmelade, Karamell, honey and.... cheese - we bought it from the cutest old lady ever, we liked her, but not the oblea.
    5.) did you recognize it? SPÄTZLE! KÄSSPÄTZLE! We missed it so much, we had to cook it.
    6.) Chontadura - a fruit, which tastes like a mix between pumpkin and potato, usually eaten with salt or in an empanada, super yummy!
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