• Day13

    Mozart cafe

    December 27, 2015 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 4 °C

    Everywhere you can see mozart. Including the cafes lol. Wifey read about this cafe before, and we happened to chanced by it. So might as well try it out although we are nor hungry yet. We had the haferlkaffee (filter coffee with milk and whipped cream) and mozart kaffee (filter coffee with mozart liqueur and whipped cream. The drinks comes in very pretty cups and wifey loves it! The drink is not that bad either. For food we had the local speciality, salburger nockerl (which is a huge meringue) and spinach tortellini with gorgonzola cheese sauce. The huge meringue is tasty, but its those you-ate-once-and-you-wouldnt-wana-eat-again type of dessert. The tortelliniis yums! The cheese sauce is something that makes the dish stands out. Its unique taste is the defining factor. I would love to have it again!Read more