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  • Day11

    Felsenegg- Uetliberg

    September 10, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    This morning, we woke up early, walked to the train station and took a train to Adliswil. From there, we walked up a small hill and then took a gondola to Felsenegg. We walked 6 km through really tall trees and a view of the Alps to Uetliberg. On the way, we saw cows with their calves and sheep. There were lots of cyclists too and runners.
    At the top of a small hill, there was a restaurant where we stopped to have tea and coffee. There were lots of wasps hovering around and landing on our drinks and food. By then, it was 17 degrees out, but it felt like 50 degrees. There were people in jackets and sweaters and we were sitting there in t-shirts dying of heat.

    Then, we walked up 10 flights of steep stairs to get to Uetliberg. At the top, we had yummy sandwiches with fresh bread for lunch and enjoyed the view. Then, we walked 600m to the train tracks.
    While waiting for the train, me and Neve went to the park and then we took the train back to our apartment.

    Later in the afternoon, we went window shopping and saw 83,000$ rollexs and 20,000$ earrings. We bought some mini swiss macarons, which were delicious.
    After window shopping, we went to the grocery store, got groceries and finally found some peanut butter! I thought that I was going to have to live without it, but I found a small jar.

    Ce matin, on a reveillé tot et marché au station de train. On pris un train à Adliswil, puis on a pris un gondole à Felsenegg. On a marché 6km à travers des grands arbres avec un vue des Apls pour arriver à Uetliberg. On a vue beaucoup de vaches, moutons et des personnes sur des vélos.
    En haut d'une grande colline, il y avait un restaurant oû on a arrêté pour de thé et du café. C'était 17 dégrées dehors, mais c'était comme c'était 50 dégréés. Il y avait des personnes dans des hoodies, mais on était dans des t-shirts et c'était très chaud. Après, on a monté environ 10 volées d'escaliers pour arriver à Uetliberg. En haut, on a mangé des sanwichs pour diner et regardé les montagnes dans la distance.

    On a marché 600m au train et pendant qu'on attendait pour le prochain train, moi et Neve ont allé au parc et on a pris le train à notre apartement.

    Dans l'après-midi, on a allé regerder les magasins, on a vu des rollexs pour 83,000$ et des boucles d'oreilles pour 20,000$. On a acheté des macarons Suisses qui étaient très bons et allé à l'épicerie oû on a finalement trouver du beurre d'arachide. On ne pouvait pas le trouver en Paris, mais j'ai finalement trouvé un petit contenant!
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