• Day48

    Part 2...Ruin Pubs

    October 17, 2019 in Hungary ⋅ ⛅ 4 °C

    On the way home from the cat cafe we went into a Ruin Pub. Budapest is famous for its Ruin pubs. Ruin pubs are abandoned buildings as a result of WWII and the Holocaust as the Ruin Pub we visited is in the Jewish Quarter of Budapest. The abandoned buildings have been made into pubs. There were 4 different pubs inside the one abandoned building. I think the pubs were cool because they had recycled items such as chairs and tables. There was a bathtub you could sit in and an old sewing machine with an old tractor seat you could sit on. There was also a chair made out of chains. I think the Ruin pubs were cool because upstairs there was a garden with bicycles in it as well as an old mannequin with what looked like an old stereo as its head. The Ruin pubs is very close to our apartment...less than a two minute walk. There is a farmers market there every Sunday which we will visit. So far I like Budapest a lot and I think Hungary is going to be one of my favourite countries because of its cooler temperatures, fewer tourists and there are Ruin pubs and pretty castles. I also think Budapest has a lot of history.

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