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    An Interview with Neve...

    January 2 in Vietnam ⋅ 🌙 19 °C

    For today's blog post, I interviewed Neve to get a bit of her perspective on our trip, Vietnam and Ninh Binh...enjoy!

    What has your favorite thing been about Ninh Binh?

    The scenery and the hills covered by trees. I also like the little ponds that have giant lily pads with flowers in them.

    How would you describe Ninh Binh to your friends?

    Ninh Binh is a good place to go if you like exercise. It is really pretty. If you are going to stay here, don’t go with too many people because the homestay rooms aren’t very spacious. You would also want to stay just outside of Ninh Binh because it is less busy, smaller and the scenery is nicer.

    Your friend Nina is planning on travelling to Vietnam. Do you think she would like to visit Ninh Binh?

    Yes, because she would like Trang An because of the scenery and would enjoy the boat tour we took yesterday.

    If yes, what do you think she would like the most about this place?

    I think she would probably really like the hills and the fact that she could bike everywhere.

    What’s been your least favorite part of Ninh Binh?

    I don’t like that my parents make us bike everywhere. That’s not always fun! It gets annoying to have to bike everywhere and my legs start to hurt!

    What is something interesting you’ve learned about Vietnam?

    The food. They sell entire goats!! The food isn’t spicy, which is a good thing. The vietnamese usually take a bunch of little things and eat it. For example, if you go to a restaurant, you would order a plate of rice, a plate of various meats and take a bit from each to make a meal. They eat snails, but I don’t want to talk about them, because they are disgusting in my opinion. Who would want to eat them?

    Can you tell me what you did yesterday?

    Yesterday, we went on a 2 hour boat ride, where we went through a 1 km cave and some shorter caves. We also stopped at some spiritual temples. The 1 km cave had a lot of stalactites hanging from the top of the cave and we had to duck because they were so big. We also got dripped on by water. We also heard bats because at one point we came into a large chamber. The scenery on the boat ride was really hilly and there were lots of lily pads in the water. There were also huge rocks coming out of the water.

    What did you do today?

    Today, I biked into Tam Coc and a bit further to a bird sanctuary (we didn’t actually go into the bird sanctuary). Then we biked back into Tam Coc and had ice cream and tea. We biked 24 km today. This afternoon I did some math with my dad and now I’m answering your questions.

    What has been the hardest part about travelling?

    Umm...missing my friends, but it’s also missing Ginger because when I’m at home I don’t see my friends everyday, but I do see Ginger every single day. I also miss the snow.

    What have you liked the most about travelling?

    Getting to see new things like Notre Dam and the lock bridge in Paris. I also have enjoyed learning about different cultures, which has been interesting.

    Out of all of the places you have visited, where would you recommend your friends visit if they could only choose one spot?

    Budapest!! It has lots of coffee shops and there is lots to do.

    What has been the most favorite thing you have done while travelling?

    You can’t ask me that! It’s like if you have a cat and a dog and you had to choose which was your favorite. I’m not answering this question!

    What has your favorite food been in Vietnam?

    I like the crab spring rolls in Hanoi.

    What has your least favorite food been?


    Clarinda and Neve
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