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  • Day135

    Pedicures, Manicures and Cat Cat Village

    January 12 in Vietnam ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    Today we visited a traditional Black H’Mong Village, called Cat Cat Village. The H’Mong people make up 53% of the Sa Pa population. In Cat Cat, there were lots of stores selling traditional dresses. If you go on a tour into Cat Cat Village, you can rent these traditional dresses as you walk around the village. We saw lots of women whose hands were blue because they dyed fabric with indigo dye. They used the dyed fabric to make lots of tapestries, bags, table cloths, coasters, scarves and clothing. The H’Mong women also embroider designs into their crafts. The the wife at our homestay embroidered Sophie and I some earrings that are very pretty.

    In Cat Cat, we went into lots of the shops. We bought some traditional tea and a tapestry. We also walked down to a series of waterfalls. There were also bridges that we could walk along. The waterfalls were very pretty. There were also water wheels, as well as lookouts and restaurants. There were also statues made out of dried ears of corn. You could go inside of them. Some of them were designed in the shape of a well, and a grinder. When we were leaving the waterfall, we stopped at one of the lookouts and saw a group performing traditional dances; they were wearing traditional clothing, which was very pretty. The only annoying thing about Cat Cat village was that the people trying to sell items kept asking “shopping, shopping” and getting annoyed at us when we didn’t buy everything.

    For lunch, we had yummy BBQ veggies and meat for lunch. When we were in Sa Pa, we lived with a H’Mong family and learned a lot about their lifestyle. The best part of staying at the homestay was learning how they cooked all their food on only one burner and yet made amazing meals. They also only had one cutting board, but a lot of sharp knives.

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    Aujourd’hui ma Mère et moi on eu des pédicurie et Sophie a eu une manucure. Ma Mere a choisi la couleur grise - violette Sophie un blue foncé et j’ai la couleur bleu- vert. Les personne qui ont fait nos ongles étaient vraiment gentille. C'était vraiment relax et amusant. Ils ont fait nos ongles regarder parfait et vraiment beau. Les personne qui a fait nos ongles à prix beaucoup de photo de nous. Après les pedicure j’ai aller a un “coffee shop” et puis on avait un après midi relax et on est aller fair du shopping. On a acheté des headphones et des groceries. Ce soir on vais regarder une film d’aventure.
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