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    Best Coast - California Nights

    With its naive lyrics that are not encumbered metaphors, Crazy For You (2010) had all the diary in the blue flower of the adolescent age. In the era of blogs and social networks cynical and jaded content, it was a refreshing wave somewhere for our stony hearts that no longer ricochet.

    Under the little depressed, the disc managed to scrape ditties called carefree in the right inbred line of Vivian Girls, Dum Dum Girls and many other girls. The difference is that in Best Coast, there was a girl Bethany Cosentino. Accompanied by her former babysitter Bobb Bruno, the pretty blonde tattooed very quickly triggered a lot of lightning in the prosecutor wok'n'woll indie.

    For girls, a certain idea of ​​the hype coolness (including the duo created his clothing line for Urban Outfitters), a wild girl to which we can relate to without problems; for guys, the big (or small) perfect friend high school years, the confidante of confidence with which one can also drink cheap beers pogotant in the garage. In short, a little heroine might have wanted to keep for himself despite his increasing popularity. Then Bethany just ... grew up. The Only Place (2012) aspired to unveil a more mature facet of person.

    The texts were meant fewer working girl and postcard, slowing the tempo, mid desperate ardor, half-hearted left room for delightful walks eased to Mazzy Star, listening to headphones (motorcycle). The Only Place ideal to appreciate it remained probably the beach, but under palm trees at dusk. We were not going to stop there, eh, Bethany? No!

    California Nights stack we sailed back to where we had left Best Coast. At first glance anyway ... California has always been at the heart of its discs: Depending on the position of the sun, Bethany can change mood, but she will not budge one iota of his beloved state. With California Nights, LP post-grunge if any, the lo-fi side was swapped against a more bloated, more product (Wally Gagel, Muse collaborator among others), less curly tersely between a party surfing and a rosé color drink.

    The players deploy heavy artillery as evidenced by tornadoes guitars that are not hiding anymore to roar, but especially the battery, much more muscular than usual.

    The fairing is now more assured, both in the sense of swagger as more assertive. The voice is itself more drawling, more whiny, officiating itself to its own reverb, but remains upbeat when she goes in the "Shalalalala" perky (Jealousy).

    What has not changed are the texts of Bethany and regular use of the first person - the intimate dimension remains intact. Still end up by admitting: he was a bit lost on the way, our heroine ... With songs like So Unaware or single California Nights (by the way, very nice clip filled with floating landscapes caressed by a captivating aesthetics) , Best Coast is now open to new horizons, as if the boys went to the beach at the stadium.

    The urgency of the debut, naivety, high school years, all this seems far away now. The indie, it's over? Perhaps, but we still live continues to wait for hearts with your fingers.
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