• Day2


    February 25 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C wonderful wizard of Oz...but still pretty cool!
    As we waited for the Cruiser to be fixed we explored Emerald on foot...and yep it was pretty hot to be walking! We stopped in at a local pub and had a drink...(it was before lunch, but its all part of the adventure lol)...the lovely bar maid filled us in on all things Emerald, love that local knowledge. I couldn't resist the art gallery which had an installation called "The Little Bird Project", people from all over the world have sent postcard sized artworks of birds, I added my own to the collection. Next onto the giant Van Gough Sunflower painting...yes, yes this is a thing, kind of odd...but we saw it. There was also some cool mosaics celebrating 100years in the region and a lizard made from recycled materials. If we had a car we would have gone fossicking, but not this time. We also visited an Irish pub for lunch which was so ugly at the front, but amazing inside, looks like a bit of a happening joint in Emerald, and would be great on a Friday or Saturday night.

    Yay...the cruiser is ready and off we go, next destination Longreach to catch up with Jayden and Bridie. It's a four hour drive from Emerald and the scenery changed quite a bit, from a range to flat open spaces. As we got closer to Longreach the sun was starting to set and there was a huge storm brewing, amazing to see over the flat outback plains. I have been waiting to see some live animals apart from cows, and we spotted kangaroos (live ones), emus and goats. We were very relieved to get into Longreach and set up..tomorrow is a day in be continued...
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    Lets Get Lost Together

    "A peacock who rests on his feathers, is just another Turkey." Dolly Parton