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  • Day97

    New Home....

    May 31 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 22 °C

    So we moved from the caravan park today, still in Longreach, but took a caretaking gig at the outback watersports club on the Thomson River.....amazing views, no people, and fishing right from our van!!! So very grateful for the opportunity to live here!!!! I'm in love with our new camp already :-) The universe is definitely looking out for us....namaste xxx

    Ally and Shaun
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    Great 😊 [Phil Quinn]

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  • Day92

    Hello Red Claw....

    May 26 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Finally we found some red claw....Shaun has been persisting in putting traps in for weeks...today bingo!!! So it's a garlic sauce surf and turf topper in steak for tea...yummy!

    Ally and Shaun

  • Day88

    Look Who I Found...

    May 22 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    A trip to Blackall today to meet up with Izzy who is working at the Barcoo Pub....so proud of her confidence, independence and bravery...not many 18year olds will take on an outback pub....you go girl! Thank you for my beautiful Pandora charm for Mothers Day...can't wait to see you in Longreach!

    The Blackall slogan is "there's fuck all in Blackhall", and that would be correct lol....its home of Jackie Howe a shearer that holds the world record for the most sheep shorn in a day with hand shears. There is also a steam powered wool scour and an artesian spa and the black stump (a sculpture of the original) that coins the phrase "beyond the blackstump".

    We found another blue tree from the blue tree project just out of Barcaldine and a horse down the mainstreet of Blackall. I found a sign about dingo scalps, apparently you get paid by the council to bring in dingo scalps.

    Just added another sunset from Longreach because they just never get old!!!

    Ally and Shaun
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  • Day85

    An Update from Longreach...

    May 19 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Whats been happening in our world? A quick visit back to Bundy to say gday to everyone, sorry if we missed you this trip, it was a whirlwind of bikes, BBQ, shopping and partying lol. But best of all we got the bikes on a trailer and brought them up to Longreach with us.....ahhhhh I am whole again!!!

    On the way back we found a blue painted tree, there is one in Longreach too...a bit or research and I discovered they are to raise awareness for men's mental health. Here's the link to the info https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.abc.net.au/article/11538858

    The Black Dog ride is also headed up this way soon and we are hoping to ride a leg up to Hughenden with them. Another great way to raise awareness about depression and mental health.

    We also were asked to put our bikes in the local Longreach show in the car show...lol....my bike is really not that kind of bike, but we did it anyway....and wouldn't you know I even got three votes from the public!!! Major Booger is a star!!! Lots of horsey and sheep type of event at the show, and even got to see a jet pack show in a huge pool??? Only in the outback!!

    We had a visit from Shauns sister and had a night out at the Birdcage, a local pub....great to see a familiar face too...thanks for stopping in Leanne :-)....we would love to catch up with you if you are passing through Longreach.

    We have both been working a lot, but enjoying the lifestyle of van life, and I love love love working at the hall of fame, such an amazing place to be everyday! The first 6 weeks were definitely the hardest, and now we have settled into taking life day by day and embracing the adventure! Izzy is working in Blackall now and having her own adventure, I'm going to ride out there (about 2 hours) to catch up with her in the next couple of days......her love of adventure seems to have been passed on from me, her Aunty Pixie and even her Grandma....I'm so proud of her independence and willingness to give anything a go! If you are thinking about going on your own adventure...make it happen, you won't regret it!

    I wonder what the future holds? Who knows??? Eventually we will head north and explore more of QLD including the Cape, but there's plenty of time to do it, life is one big adventure!

    Ally and Shaun
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    Fantastic ! All sounds great, might see you on the BD ride ! [Annie]


    Cool as tufala. [Ronald Doughty]

  • Day70


    May 4 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    So it is definitely time for an update...life got crazy busy...but time to sit down and fill you all in! So we left Mt Isa a couple of weeks ago, sad to say goodbye to our Isa crew...we made some lifelong friendships, and that's what this trip is all about. We headed back to Longreach to catch up with Jayden, Bridie and Kallen who was up visiting from Bundy. After a couple of nights down by the river at the free camp we moved into town into a caravan park for real showers and power lol. There are so so many jobs out here, the locals are crying out for workers due to no back packers, coupled with a very busy tourist season and we had a choice of lots of jobs. I did one day as a postman....I'm guessing I was Longreachs worst postie ever! Now I'm working at the Australian Stockmans Hall of Fame as a tour guide and customer service....what an amazing job, what an amazing place! Longreach has so much to offer in a holiday. Beautiful friendly people, a great main street, the Qantas museum, lotsnofntours to choose from, amazing sunset and sunrises and a real country town vibe!

    Everyday I get to wear my Ariat boots, I have now added western wrangler jeans and a blingy belt....I'm definitely fitting in! Shaun is working with Jayden and loving the new challenges and being with his boys!

    We went to Barcaldine last week and saw Busby Marou play, and we went to a drag racing meet and the local football. We have been red claw fishing and mostly lots and lots of work! Eating money for the next adventure is awesome!

    Some exciting job prospects in the pipeline too. We are heading back to Bundy for the weekend and we are getting our bikes!!!! I cannot wait to get Major Booger out here!!!!!

    If you want to catch up when we are back home we will be heading to the pub on Saturday night...hope to see some of you then :-)

    Ally and Shaun xxx
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    The photo bomber though.. love it..🤣😎 [Ronald Doughty]


    good work mate experiences all round [Shane]


    Awww so awesome you are true adventurers! I'm sad Il miss you both I'm away for the weekend time with my Mum. Love you both, might travell to Longreach one day and get a tour in with the best your guide Eva! Love you Alley and your spirit for adventure💗💗🤟 [Kara]

  • Day40

    Mary Kathleen....

    April 4 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    So Sundays adventure was a visit to Mary Kathleen uranium mine, halfway between Cloncurry and Mt Isa.....its a disused uranium mine and the indigenous people call it the poison pool. Amazing water colour, something to do with the quartz in the rock...here's more info if you are interested....
    We spent a couple of hours exploring the abandoned town, I would love to hear stories from people who actually lived there, life would have been hard!
    We went in a camel hunt as I promised my little friend Georgia a camel photo, and had been told there were camels out near here...but again no camels!!!! We did find a very interesting 4wd track that follows some old mines and ends at a waterfall call Fountain Springs....that's our next adventure...swags in the car and an overnighter at the waterfall....excited much!
    Ally and Shaun
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    Wow looks beautiful. But yeah poison [Sandy]

  • Day33

    Now I Love the Outback!!!

    March 28 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

    An amazing adventure day, car us going and we were off!!! We roadtripped with our neighbours and headed out to Lake Moondarra first, a man-made lake that holds all the water for Mt Isa, even found some peacocks for Donna! Onto the Junction again where we chilled out on the water....geez its good to be near water, there were even some little waves when a boat or two went past!

    But the most amazing part of the day was put trip out to an abandoned granite mine about 15mins out of Mt Isa....I've been bagging the outback, and missing the coast, but light bulb moment this afternoon....now I understand why everyone loves the outback.....it was amazing!!! Actually amazing is an understatement! The views over the plateu as the sun went down and the moon came up were worthy of any travel show! The silence, and the feeling of remoteness were overwhelming, we drove in by 4wd (only way to get there), I did all the driving, so was very proud of my 4wd skills (I only learnt to drive 4wd a few months ago). As the moon rose from behind the rocks it took my breath away, and I even stopped talking for a bit!!!

    Thank you Angela and Rick for taking us there and for sharing some photos as my phone went flat. The centre of Australia is mindblowing, and I for one can't wait to see more..stay tuned for more adventures in the near future.

    Ally and Shaun
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    Some great photos, pretty special [sharyn K]

  • Day30

    We Had A Win!!!

    March 25 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Off to the Irish Club after work today to check it out, very cool looking place, definitely my pick of pubs so far. Had a little go on the pokies, and bingo....a small win of $200 (that's a big win for me!) So we treated ourselves to Chinese at the Red Lantern in Mt Isa, a feast of honey prawns, hotpot, crab and corn soup and fried lice.....felt so normal for a change lol.....everyday does get easier :-)

    I chucked in a photo of Shaun who has stolen Gilmartin from me by bribing him with food every smoko....but it turns out Gilmartin who lives at the end of the park hasn't been home as there was a 6foot python in the tree down there. I'm sticking with Gilmartin the nonbinary chicken!!!

    Another photo in there of what the mine spews out 24/7!!! In Mt Isa you can't even drink the water because of the lead levels in the environment, you actually have to have lead testing done regularly!!!! Now tell me, why do we do this to our earth!!! :-(

    Ally and Shaun
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  • Day29

    Gillmartin the Nonbinary Chicken....

    March 24 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    This is my mate Gilmartin who is a hen, but crows like a rooster and doesn't lay eggs!!! She has been following me around the park, and today she let me pat her!!! I also got to clean up her shit...maybe patting her was a reward for a job well done lol She is named after the owners of the park and turned up one day, and never left!

    Chicken joke of the day -
    "A librarian was very sad and alone in the library one day as there was no one around for her to help. These two chickens came through the door screeching "bouk bouk." The librarian quickly got up and gave them each 5 books.

    The two chickens left satisfied. Just a few minutes later the same two chickens come through the door with no books screeching "bouk bouk." The librarian once again jumped up and gave each chicken 15 books this time. The chickens leave satisfied once again. Then for the third time the chickens returned screeching "bouk bouk", but this time being suspicious the librarian gave each chicken only one book and explained that they could only borrow more books once that had returned the others.

    As the chickens left the librarian slowly followed behind to see where all the chickens and the books were going. The chickens came to a stop by a pond and started throwing the books into the water. Appalled the librarian ran forward to tell them to stop but she suddenly noticed there were some frogs in the pond grabbing the books and throwing them back croaking behind "red-it… red-it".

    Microphone drop....BOOM!
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