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  • Day16

    The barenbald alm

    September 8, 2016 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Today I went up to the top of Zerwolferkopf in the Karwendal cable car. It is about another 900m up. The is the spot the paragliders leave from. There is a good view of the lake and surrounds, as well across to the Rofan mountains were I was yesterday. The Barendbaldalm is a 30 minute walk from the cable car. Off I went with my trusty walking poles. I was mostly going downhill as the alm is 50m below the level of the cable car. The last 150m or so was rather steep. I appreciated my walking poles.

    I had a rest and a drink at the alm hutte but to be honest I didn't enjoy it that much as I was dreading the walk back up that steep hill. The was a path down towards Maurach that looked a gentle slope and was nice and wide but it had bee marked difficult so I turned back to the easy route.
    Getting up that hill was easier than expected and having the poles definitely made things easier.
    I was up on the mountain much longer than I exoected. I had taken some morning tea with me and ate it at 1pm before boarding the cable car for the journey back.

    Back to the hotel for a cold shower, change of clothes and a quick 10 minute lie down before heading to the lake for the boat to Seespitz.
    From there I caught the Achenseebahn down to Jenbach.
    Apart from the truck ride yesterday all these excursions are covered by my Achensee guest card. We get a basic card from the hotel which gives free bus rides and (I think discounts on the various activities) but by buying the sticker to go on the card for €63 the cable cars, boats, achenseebahn, oil museum have not cost me any extra.

    Anyway, the train is a steam train. Coal smoke stinks. The train was interesting for the first five minutes and then I got to thinking I'm glad train travel has improved as it was very jerky.
    We were in Jenbach for 45 minutes before coming back up. The engine pushed us up the steep part to Eben then moved to the front and pulled as the rest of the way.
    The scenery was interesting, I got to see into people's backyards along some of the way. Other parts were pure forrest.
    We got back to Seespitz in time to catch tne boat back to Pertisau.

    Dinner was a bit of a let down tonight. Both the service and food had been great up until now. I have a new waiter, he doesn't speak a lot of english (but more than my german).
    We get the menu at breakfast and have to choose our main meal from a choice of three then.
    Today my menu was in german. I translated the three mains as: rust roast; calf goulash; and potato and zucchini bake. I opted for the veggie bake.
    The service wasn't great.

    There won't be a CS version tonight. I am really tired. When I planned to do this blog I thought I'd be sitting in my room all by myself and it would give me something to do.
    Most nights I've written it in the lounge/bar of where I been staying, if I write it in my room it has been in bed because I am so tired (like tonight!)

    Looking down on Pertisau
    The dreaded hill, it was a lot worse that it looks!
    Looking towards the Rofan mountains, where I was yesterday
    Achensee bahn
    Drawing if Hotel Post circa 1930
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