• Day18

    Half term expedition part 2

    September 10, 2016 in Austria ⋅ 🌙 13 °C

    This is the second half of my Chalet journal, it covers Thursday and Friday.

    Thursday, it was one of the Chalet Girls' favourite walks, so easy even the young girls can manage easily - to Barebald alm.
    It was a warm day so Matey decreed no blazers were necessary.
    Hilda, Freda* and I set off to the base of the alp. Going up was easy, Joey was right! Although she may not have been referring to the Karwendal cable car.
    At the top I paused to watch men jumping off the mountain - paragliders. I took some snaps with my kodak.

    Consulting the map I determined the route, noting that the routes back down to Pertisau seemed to be marked difficult.
    Hilda, Freda and I set off at a slow trot, covering the ground reasonably easily.
    Then we came in sight of the alm! I quaked at the path leading down. Hilda and Freda quietly encouraged me all the way down.
    We eventually made it and stopped to appreciate the view. I could see across to the Sonnalpe.
    We weren't due for elevenses until we were back at the cable car so we begged a drink from the alm hutte.
    Their "alm dudler" (apple juice) went down a treat. After a short rest we went along the nice wide path that leads back to Pertisau. I was tempted to try it but my guides reminded me that many a Chalet girl has gotten into trouble choosing the easy looking path (a metaphor for life?) so I reluctantly turned back to that uphill slope. With H and F's help and ecouragement I made it up the slope with far less difficulty than I had expected.
    We made our way back to the cable car and I discovered that my watch had stopped (ie I hadn't checked the time on my phone) and it was 1pm! A stop for late elevenses was in order. Today I had it with me, a pastry left over from breakfast. H and F were maintaining there stick thin figures and went without.

    Back down the mountain we went.
    The aftetnoon's expedition was the steam railway - the Achenseebahn. I had come up to the lake via the coach road and so had not experienced this important part of Chalet life.
    H and F, having done the trip many times remained behind.

    First I caught the boat to Seespitz.
    A thought occurred to me - did the CS girls have season tickets for the boats? Maybe it was included in the fees? They seem to use them a lot, and not always planned.

    Anyway... The train was waiting at Seespitz. I hope the carriages have changed since the 1930s, or it had a luggage compartment as I can't imagine fitting all the luggage in.

    The ride down was quite jerky in places.
    The coal smoke smelt terrible. It was brown so soft coal?
    The view was good though, through towns, forrest and open country. The next trip back to Seespitz was the last trip up so I had some plum kuchen at the railway station then we made our way back up. If I thought the trip down was jerky, the trip up was more so.
    The boat was waiting as we reached Seespitz so it was an easy transfer back to the hotel.

    Yesterday it was time to tackle the Dripping rock and Gsisalm, an easy stroll apparently. H and F agreed to accompany me and I'm glad they did. It started out as any easy stroll but soon the wide flat path gave way to a narrower path of loose rock or dirt. It went up and down a fair bit. I had agreed with H and F I would turn back if it was too difficult.
    Turning the corner to see the dripping rock was amazing. I'd seen one of the iconic sights in the CS books. The narrow path doesn't encourage stopping for long although one rambler, on observing me stopping to take pictures stopped as well.

    Now, to go forward or turn around? I'm no spineless jellyfish (not suggesting anyone who did turn around is 😀) so I kept ongoing. The track got tougher but H and F kept encouraging me to lean on them, (Freda may well have a dislocated shoulder after some of those big step downs).
    But we made it! We made it to Gaisalm which has a gasthaus and nothing else.
    Just enough time to purchase a drink and then we caught the boat back.

    Time for lunch. I had not yet called in to see Herr Braun at the Kron Prinz Karl (Furstenhaus) so this was a great opportunity.
    Herr Braun has done well for himself. The hotel has been extended and is beautiful inside.
    I decided to eat in the beer garden. H and F were horrified and lay on the ground in protest.
    I didn't have the energy to translate the menu so chose frankfurters and pommes fries assuming I would get a nice sausage, no I got exactly what it said, hot dogs (without the red skin) and chips. Never the less it was fine.

    I had a dilemma. I heard a rumour at breakfast of a night cruise on the lake. But would it be suitable entertainment for a gracious lady such as myself. I was tempted to sneak out but
    a) that is not honourable
    b) I did't want Joey to have to rescue me and
    c) I didn't want bronchitis or pneumonia

    Fortunately Herr Braun advised that the entertainment would be suitable and that the rocks by Gaisalm would be lit up and it was a spectacular sight.

    Back to the hotel then for a rest. There was a strudel buffet in the restaurant but not having yet learnt the german strudel words, plus I'd need an early abendssen I gave it a miss.

    H and F declined to accompany me on the night cruise (sticks in the mud they are!)

    The cruise was lovely. I must work on my german as I couldn't understand what the musicians were saying.
    The views were lovely. I took my blazer so was able to spend a good portion of the cruise on the deck.
    Well worth it.

    Time to bid the Tiernsee goodbye.

    *Hilda and Freda were my walking poles.

    Another view of the Dripping Rock
    There are many of these shrines(?) all throughout the Achensee. This one is at the Barenbald alm.
    Look at the shadow of the steamtrain.
    Pertisau by night
    Rocks by Gaisalm
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