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  • Day19

    Farewell to the Achensee

    September 11, 2016 in Austria ⋅ 🌫 10 °C

    I had a fantastic time in Pertisau. The Hotel Post was a great hotel. I'm in Innsbruck for the night as my train is at 7:40 in the morning.

    Last night I did the night cruise on the lake. Unfotunately I couldn't understand the musicians but they were apparently very funny. I know they made a joke about the Dutch (a high percentage of tourists of Pertisu are Dutch apparently). The music was good though, kind of a cross between folk and country.

    This morning I had a wander around Pertisau before heading down to Jenbach and then caught the train to Innsbruck. I did some washing before heading back to the same hotel I stayed in last weekend. I obviously had a room upgrade last time. My room tonight is fine but a king single instead of a double bed, no bath, a smaller chair.

    After checking in I went up to the Tirol Panorama, a museum which contains a huge painting that you stand in the middle of a round room and the painting is a continous scene all around the walls. The scene is of the battle between the Baravians and Tirolese in 1809.

    I then went to the ski jump next to the panorama, simply because I was asked I wanted to go when I bought my museum ticket.
    It was really interesting and very high up. I'm not normally too bothered by heights but whatever the pavers at the very top are laid on, they wobble when you walk on them. Most disconcerting!

    A thunderstorm came in late this afternoon, lots of thunder and lightning.

    Dinner ended up being at a very nice Italian restaurant. It was raining heavily and the restaurant was nice and close to the hotel. I do miss the half board arrangement I had at the Hotel Post!
    I had an octopus salad followed by a mushroom and chanterelle pasta, yum!

    Traditional chalet
    Hot air balloon over Achensee
    Tirol Panorama
    Looking down the ski jump
    Looking up at the ski jump
    View of the Inn valley from the top of the ski jump
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