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  • Day35

    Apologies to the bison

    June 29, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    The bison do exist after all.
    2 years ago 4 of them were introduced into the area round the reservoir along with a bunch of water buffalo. They had been badly treated somewhere and a couple of the rest of the herd had been beheaded by undesirables somehow... So now they have the whole Picos to roam.
    We cycled out along the lake northbound and visited a couple of the villages that had been relocated when the valley was flooded. They had saved their church facades and their bells and we saw some of the old roads and cemeteries peeping out of the water
    Managed to scrounge a coffee out of a very quiet hostel. Hard to keep saying spectacular scenery but it was indeed.
    Back to town with just enough time to visit the ethnographic museum in town.
    Fascinating place. Every house that was lost was photographically archived on the walls along with the names of the owners. Also there was a display on the walls of the Kings of Leon from 10th century to the 13th century. Never realised before now that the band was named after them.
    Back up the hill in the searing heat. Cachophony of jet skis on the lake in the village below, along with Saturday motorbikers screaming around the mountain bends.
    Then the wind whipped up and the clouds rolled in. Cool at last .
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