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  • Day23

    Skipworth Reserve

    April 3, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    We have arrived at Skipworth Reserve. It is exactly as we remembered it on our last visit and we have set up camp in nearly the same spot.

    Several King parrots here are very unafraid of people. They seem almost curious of us.

    Early the next morning we are up before it is light. Now sitting in our camp enjoying the sounds of the running Goulburn river punctuated by the random kookaburra chorus. Soon other birds will join in and possibly come over to greet us.

    The first visitors have arrived. Tiny scrub wrens scouting the outskirts of our camp. Soon they get braver and do a quick scamper through our annexe area. Eventually they come right in and make sure there are no morsels of food left from our supper last night. One very bold one flew up onto a chair table and checked that out. Then they leave, probably to check other camp-site.

    Later one brave little bird ventured about two feet from where Pam was working on the computer to forage in our used breakfast plates. He struck it lucky and found some residual cerial on a breakfast plate. We both took a few photos but the bird did not seem care one bit. Later one wren ventured into the tent. There was nothing we could do but wait for him to finish his sortie and leave. Since then we have made sure to keep the door to the tent closed.

    Later tiny blue wrens,(Superb Fairy Wrens) with their mast like tails of two or three feathers made an appearance. The females and non breeding males are actually a mousey brown. Upon marurity the males develop their mating colours just before breeding time. Today there was one male beginning his change to blue and his harem of females all staying within his field of view.

    This afternoon the parrots were back until they had each been given an almond. This time Pam handed the almonds out. I took some photos for her.

    The pacific black ducks drop in every now and then just to see if we have changed our mind about feeding them. For a few minutes they line up and intently stare at us from very close by. Eventually they give up and head back to the river. (where they are supposed to be).


    Skipworth ended up being cold some nights but always pleasent each day. We drove to Mansfield one day to replace a busted sleeping bag and enjoy an outing to one of the cafes.

    The outdoor shop was wonderful and ended up being able to equip a new sleeping bag and some other useful items. The service in these towns is exceptional and nothing seems too much bother.

    We had fires running most of the day into the night that provided ample heat for our shower water and all our cooking needs. The quite old but unused camp oven we brought with us was well and truly seasoned on this trip. Porridge every morning and supper each night. We even did cheese melts for lunch. A treat much enjoyed by the children.
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