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  • Day33

    Autumn Festival, Jamieson, Victoria

    April 13, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    This time of year, Victorian school holidays and approaching Easter, the chances of festivals are greater. We were able to make the short trip from Skipworth to Jamieson for the day for their festival.

    They gathered together old cars, horse drawn hay rides, gold nugget throwing, music and the pièce de resistance, cow pat lotto. I have never seen this game of chance anywhere else. A large paddock is divided into squares and tickets sold for each square. At the appointed time the cows are allowed into the paddock. The first square anointed with a cow pat is the winner.

    The Strathbogie singers moved tirelessly from stage to stage to entertain the many visitors. Local singers and songwriters poured out their hearts in song while bush poets regaled audiences with such classics as Mulga Bill's Bycycle, Man from Snowy River and many more.

    Many local blacksmiths belted items for auction from raw steel bar amidst showers of sparks anf tirelessly hammering on an anvil. Thor would have been woken by the noise and roar of hand blown charcoal forges.

    The gold nugget throw was keenly contested by local lads keen to impress. There was no limit to how many tries for a good distance so some lined up until they had aching muscles. The ladies and juniors threw smaller nuggets with chance of a roll increasing the distance.

    A mower drawn train ride had all the small children lining up time after time.

    This was a great day out.
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