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  • Day8

    Lucca, Pisa & Il Poggio Sept 14

    September 14, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Sept 14
    We woke up to a gray day and took the bus to walled city of Lucca and met with the local tour guide. We walked up on the wall as he explained about the town. It was drizzling/raining the entire time we were there. So much for hot weather....It was a lovely town filled with a lot of shops. Part of the tradition is they place candles around the windows and doorways of the and light them several times a year, Easter, christmas and when the bishop comes. We arrived the day after the bishop arrived and we lucky enough to see a part of a mass. Our free time started around 10:30 and the area was bustling. We had Tuscan bean soup and crusty sliced bread with percorino and salame with was warmed. We have yet to have a great panini. Our waiter's name was Andre and he is Brazilian and Italian. Cari spotted the cutest magnet of an Aperol bottle, so we each bought one to gift to the other. Back to the bus on our way to Pisa. We took a small train (like Disney land) from the bus stop to the entrance of the walled city. The weather was still overcast but not raining. After walking through the countless vendors we arrived to the landmarks. What a site!!! Three structures in one area. The Baptistry ( where because of the shape is perfect for echoing. A woman stood in the center of the room, made a sound and it echoed. Amazing how that worked. It was only about 3 mins. The next building was the Duomo. The side of the duomo and cathedrals look similar because of the marble that is used. The square of the miracles and a bronze statue of the fallen angel. We did a little shopping and I had a gelato. By the time we left there was sun shine and blue skies. Drive to Monte Carlo - Fattoria il Poggio to make pasta. Our chef was name Laura and she made three different dishes for us 1 - ragu (onions, 1 clove garlic, onion, celery and carrots) olive oil, meat and a little white wine, 2 - sautee mushrooms ( put mushrooms in the pan first, drizzle with a lot of olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic) and a little water , 3 - tomatoes, garlic, olive oil - and all served on saltless bread. Next pasta demonstration - we each had a bowl, egg, flours and a rolling pin. It was fun to make it again. It seems so easy.....We took a walk to the vineyard and the machine they use to press olive oil. Back to the cellar for dinner and wine. They served 3 white and 2 reds,one of the names is Otium and I thought Valerie asked for Opium. HAHA....We had a little scare as Maneshia (female) fainted and Cari stepped into action, it turned out she hadn't taken her iron pills. Back to the party, we had - meat and cheese platter, fat pasta with the cooked ragu, fried potatoes (delicious), grilled rib, chicken and sausage, biscotti and sweet wine. Cari kept disappearing and I thought she was checking on Maneshia but she was really dancing. There was a DJ in the garden area and the music was great. When dinner was over we all went outside to dance. It was great fun!!! Back to the bus and hotel....until tomorrow!!!Read more