• Day35

    Chiang Mai - ELEPHANT DAY

    August 18, 2017 in Thailand ⋅ 🌧 26 °C

    After a very luxurious 2 hour journey in our very squishy Songthaew we arrived in the Chiang Mai jungle and got our first glimpse of the elephants. After a brief safety talk and a description of the sanctuary and its workings we got to meet the elephants. We were given bananas and sugar cane to feed them with but I think we spent more time trying to make sure they shared than feeding them, they are so greedy!! We spent the morning getting to know them and then took a small break for lunch (which was interrupted by one of the elephants when she decided she also wanted some pineapple). After lunch we got changed into our swimming gear and went down to the mud bath. The elephants were delighted to have a mud bath because it cools them down and is good for their skin. The only problem was that they thought we liked it just as much and enjoyed splashing us with it.

    Afterwards we went into the river to wash off and some of the elephants came and joined us. Although I didn't plan on getting that wet, the elephants had other ideas and decided it was fun to spray us with their trunks. We were so sad to leave the elephant park, but at five o clock it was time to say goodbye. We got back in our Songthaew and headed home for a much needed shower.
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