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  • Day106

    Fish spa

    December 12 in Thailand

    Last night when we were on our way home from Muay Thai, we came across a ‘fish spa’ which was a bunch of cushioned benches, and at the bottom of each bench there was a fish tank with at least 50 fish in it. Malcolm and I were the only ones brave enough to try it (my dad was too chicken to go near it). We got a 10 minute treatment for only 60 baht each (less than $3 each). First, you have to clean your feet with a wet cloth, then you stick them in the tank and all the fish come and nibble at your feet. Everyone who walked by was staring and smiling, and a few people decided to try it after seeing us do it. It almost felt like they should be paying us instead of the other way around because we attracted so much attention! Malcolm had to take his feet out of the tank after about 5 minutes because it felt so weird. It felt really weird and tingly but after a while it felt pretty good!
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  • Day88

    Normally I don’t post food photos, but the cuteness factor here was so over-the-top, that we just had to share. If your kids are cranky from heat, math, and Muay Thai sore muscles, the fix in Chiang Mai is apparently sweets shaped like bears (with a latte for mama and a bacon burger for dad)! The café is also equipped with stuffed bears at the tables. I think Malcolm has finally found his birthday meal restaurant... so we’ll be back in 3 days.Read more

  • Day81

    Hedgehog cafe

    November 17 in Thailand

    Last night we explored around our neighbourhood, and we came across something called a ‘hedgehog cafe’. I think it’s kind of like the cat cafe in Ottawa but I’m not sure because I haven’t been to the cat cafe. At the hedgehog cafe, you bought a combo of
    — 1,2,3, or 4 drinks
    — a waffle or piece of cake
    — and a pass to ‘enjoy the hedgehogs’
    We got three mango smoothies, and a water. The lady brought two hedgehogs to two separate glass cages with open tops. She also gave us each a pair of gardening gloves, a towel (to clean up) , a pair of tweezers and a bowl of dried meal worms. We got to play with the hedgehogs and give them meal worms. There was also a bunch of guinea pigs, and we got to feed and play with them too! They were so cute!!
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  • Day81

    Malcolm and I wandered through the old city to a physical education park where we found the Chiang Mai Table Tennis Club. For a whopping 2$ we acquired day passes and enjoyed a couple of hours of ping-pong. After a while we invited a young Thai fellow to join us. He was much better than both of us, but very polite with his play. His parents were so excited to see us playing together that they asked to make a movie with their phone, so I grabbed a picture too. We couldn’t say much to each other except smile and laugh at ourselves. Before we parted ways, we exchanged a wai (a bow with the hands clasped in front of our chins) and more smiles.
    - Geoff
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  • Day87

    Muay Thai

    November 23 in Thailand

    Yo everyone, its Malcolm😜
    Muay Thai is a kick boxing fight that uses eight limbs to fight. To be a fighter you have to have a strong set of fists, knees, legs and elbows. Muay Thai is just like boxing but using legs to kick your opponent. We take a Muay Thai class twice a week with a training group half an hour away from our house. At the start of training we do skipping with heavy ropes for 15 minutes non-stop but most of the time, Dale and I get on huge bouncy tires and jump with weights in our hands. After that we do stretches for 10 minutes but for me its more like break every bone in your body because all the trainers keep pushing me to do extra work. After “stretches” we all get seperated into 3 groups: Dale and I go with Sep, the adults go with Bagi, and Chloë works with Tam. Everyone works on different stuff for most of it but sometimes we all go to the punching bags for fist strengthening. At the end we all come together to repeat the stretches.
    That’s all for now but I will talk to you all soon!
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  • Day6

    Day 6/72: Chillin in Chiang Mai

    November 2 in Thailand

    Today was a reasonably chilled day. We started late- Tom had got up early and gone out to get pastries from a local bakery (bacon and cracked black pepper bread twists: game changing!).
    We meandered around Chiang Mai for a lot of the morning, wandering to the wall of the old city and diving across roads to avoid being hit by the ever erraticly driven mopeds: when a motorbike heads up onto the pavement towards you, you get out of its way. We looked at the Friday Flea Market and various other shops supporting one-of-a-kind tokens, then looked at the next 5 stalls which all had the same thing.

    We made our way to Wat Chedi Luang: a 15th century Buddhist Temple believed to protect the city, and marveled at the peacefulness and tranquility around the Buddha sat on a huge pile of bricks. (best described by seeing the photo of it...)

    We went and had rice and garlic chicken for lunch, with watermelon smoothies, and stopped for frozen yoghurt on the way back to the hostel for an afternoon of chilling (accidentally both took a 3 hour nap- so much for getting used to a different time zone).

    This evening we headed out to the Night Bazaar, an evening of watching traditional Thai dancers, eating Roti (what seemed to be pastry deep fried; delicious), a huge platter of sea food to be eaten with our hands wearing gloves, and ice cream frozen on a cooling plate right in front of our eyes. Then we sat back and listening to Country music and big band music while drinking Chang beers.
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  • Day88

    Loy Krathong and Yi Peng

    November 24 in Thailand

    These past three days have been the Thai festivals ‘Loy Krathong’ and ‘Yi Peng’. Loy Krathong is a celebration that translates into ‘to float baskets’. The baskets (krathongs) are made out of thick slices of banana tree trunk, pieces of banana leaves, pretty flowers, and you stick incense and candles in it, then, once you’ve lit the candles and incense, you float them down the ping river, on the first full moon of the twelfth month (Thai lunar calendar). Make sure you make a wish when you float it! This year it was November 22. Yi peng is at the same time, but for yi peng you float lanterns into the sky. There was so many people in the main streets that you could barely move at all! If you’ve been to one of these festivals before, comment your experience!
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  • Day79

    We're in Thailand!!

    November 15 in Thailand

    We just got to Chiang Mai, in the north of Thailand, yesterday morning at 6:30 am. We were so jet lagged, that we fell asleep a few hours after we got settled into our new teak house, and when we woke up, we thought it was the next morning, even though it was only 3:00 in the afternoon! Afterwards, we went exploring around our neighbourhood, and discovered a day market selling clothes, shoes and Thai food/sweets. For dinner last night, Malcolm and I had pork satay and rice, and my parents had green curry chicken soup, and chili cashew chicken (Dale had a peanut butter sandwich, of course!). When we went to sleep for real, every single one of us woke up at 1:30 in the morning, because we were still so jet lagged. I ended up getting out of bed at 11:00 am. Then we went out for a snack and card game at a local bakery, and on the way home we stopped at a Thai restaurant, and had rice, chicken pad Thai, and spicy pork with basil. The whole meal only cost 130 Thai baht, equivalent to 5$ Canadian! We live in a teak house, which is an old wooden house, where only the living room, bedrooms, and one of the bathrooms are inside. The rest of the house is outdoors. I only have one pair of shorts out of three, that apparently aren’t too short to wear in Thailand, and only two t-shirts out of five, that cover my shoulders enough. The bad things here, are that we have no washing machine, or dishwasher, but it might be okay, because there’s a laundromat around the corner, and my guess is that we won’t be doing many dishes anyways. I don’t think we’ll be eating at home very often, because getting groceries is more expensive than eating at restaurants here! The temperature here is 33 degrees C outside right now, so that means most of our house is hot. A few yeas ago, someone turned this original teak house into a bar, but it closed down because it’s across the street from a temple! Now it is a house again! All the cars and motorbikes drive on the other side of the road, which can be annoying for me because it’s not what I’m used to.
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  • Day86

    Wat Daowadung

    November 22 in Thailand

    This Buddhist temple is only a few steps from our home and quite apart from the Old City temples. It is small by comparison to other temples and quite peaceful. We had to dress appropriately to visit the Wat, women must wear long clothes to cover down below their knees and at least over their shoulders while men need only wear shirts with short sleeves and shorts. Once we had removed our shoes, we were invited into the temple by several elderly ladies who brought us sticky rice treats and offered us chairs to sit.

    We were joined by a young monk named Somsi (sp?) who sat with us and chatted about the life of a Buddhist monk in Chiang Mai. He explained about their daily routines and how someone might become a monk. We learned that some of the youngest monks have been orphaned and are taken in by the monasteries. There are female Buddhist monks, but they have many more rules to follow than the men. Some Thais don’t want to socialize with the monks because they use “elevated” words which not everybody knows.

    Somsi’s English was excellent so I asked him how he had learned? He told us that the monks study English at school but YouTube is the best source!
    - Geoff
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  • Day4

    Day 4/72: Bangkok to Chiang Mai

    October 31 in Thailand

    A relaxed travel day today. We woke up in Bangkok, packed up our stuff and had a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast. We had that kind of time where there's not quite enough to do anything, but too much to warrant doing nothing, so we got an taxi to the airport early and had some spicy beef ramen noodles, a mango smoothie and watched the world go by. The flight was easy, and gave us each a free meal! After an hour and a half we arrived in Chaing Mai.

    We got quickly shepherded from the airport, into a taxi and were at the hostel in no time. Nice homely place, and the desk guy was very helpful and showed us around. We put our kit away and went for a wander. In many ways Chiang Mai is similar to Bangkok, the smell, noise, the traffic, tuk tuks, crazy mopeds, temples, stalls are all the same. However the environment is different. Overall, it's calmer, but things seem less separated. Where Bangkok is mental most of time, the tranquility of temples and gardens is astonishing. It always seems impossible that just beyond the wall of the temple gardens we were being bombarded with taxi and tuk tuk offers.
    Here, there are no skyscrapers and less busy roads, and much more green wildlife. People are chilling outside shops and just watch the world go by. However it's all closer together and you have 15 tuk tuks driving right up to the entrance of a temple which is an interesting contrast.

    We wandered around some stunning shrines and then down the main road to a Tailor. Tom, lacking a tux, wanted to get one made with a snazzy lining and it can be done very cheaply in Thailand. We had a chat with a shop owner who talked us through all the materials and prices (he loves his cashmere) and decided to possibly come back the next day to sleep on it. Then we wandered back taking in the sights, stopped at a 7/11 for some supplies and headed for a coffee shop to get some ideas for our stay. A rough plan has been made and we're going to do some hiking tomorrow!
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