Chiang Mai

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    • Day 15

      Day 15

      February 20 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 35 °C

      Chiang Mai

      Today, we were meant to be doing a day trip to Chiang Rai to see the white and blue temple. However, when we woke up, all the busses were sold out till 12.45 which then wouldn't arrive till 4.30 so that was a no go aswell. I gave Dang a call to see if he was free for Muay Thai but unfortunately he was in Bangkok. This left us with no real plan.

      We head out in search of a pharmacy and breakfast. A short walk away and we find somewhere to top up our supplies, finding suncream and some bandages. I also needed tissues, a razor, and shaving foam but I couldn't find any of them for the life of me. A stop in 7-11 found me a razor but no shaving foam. I had never shaved with a non electric razor before so i opted for a 10p more expensive Gillette razor than Alfie's Bic.

      After we grab some breakfast (now more lunch to be honest) from JJ's Waffle again, we head back to our hostel. I go for a quick swim then whilst Alfie goes for a nap I head out into town. I didn't really have much of a plan but I was on a mission to buy some more stuff. Without the tethers of Alfie's judgemental eye, I finally feel brave enough to buy a typical Thai elephant shirt, going for white and red to mix up the colour palette.

      At a temple, I met a dude who had travelled up from Phuket to buy wedding dresses and suits for his daughters wedding, as Chiang Mai was apparently the best place in South East Asia, better than Vietnam which although is cheaper, apparently won't last. I thought fuck it, and with his recommendation headed to Tom's Tailor where I chatted to him about the different materials and prices. Surprisingly, the suits ranged from £180 to £260, which was much more than I was prepared to pay for something I didn't need.

      I grab a mango smoothie, finally find shaving cream, and head to a park to do some planning along with a durian ice cream (wouldn't have again). The park was small and had a nice fountain with some very skilled slackliners set up not far from me. After an hour or 2, I order my very first Grab bike back to the hostel (imagine South East Asia's version of uber, but on the back of a scooter, as fast as it is cheap).

      After a while, we head out to a few of the night markets that weren't too far, where our mission was a dry bag and a shirt for Alfie. As Alfie's clothes are about as diverse as the Brits in Benidorm, he found nothing to his liking and declared he was gonna go to H&M tomorrow. I managed to find a dry bag which would be useful when we venture down South. After finding some fried squid which didn't have a lot of flavour going on, we sit down when I get a message from Hong Yao inviting us to a Cabaret show which just so happened to be less than 1 minute from where we were sat.

      Alfie went back home, but I joined Hong Yao for a 390 Baht experience of a night, with a Chang beer on the house. I can't super describe what the show was like, but it was an hour and a half of both drag and non-drag queens dancing & singing, with alot of audience participation & interaction. It was also an hour and a half of cheering & laughing. Leaving with my ears ringing and not trying their signature drink "Suck Me Please!" which was served in a penis shaped glass, we headed towards some bars.

      These bars also happened to be the red light district, as well as a Muay Thai arena, where for free we were able to watch a 5 round fight of green shorts vs yellow shorts. We obviously were on team yellow shorts. They both persevered but eventually green shorts was declared the victor and we headed towards 7-11. After grabbing some cookies and FINALLY finding some tissues, we chatted more about the differences between Signapore & the UK, where I showed him what a roast dinner was

      Eventually, I grabbed a grab bike back home, brushed my teeth and went to bed.
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    • Day 9

      Day 9

      February 14 in Thailand ⋅ 🌙 21 °C

      Chiang Mai

      Getting barely any sleep on a seat slightly too small for me, next to a person who didn't understand the invisible line we shouldn't cross between our seats, and sitting right under the AC (cold for the first time since Scotland) - I surprisingly felt awake and dare I say a touch refreshed. Given a breakfast of soy milk - which tasted like wood shavings and PVA glue blended together - we soon arrive in Chiang Mai and brush our teeth in the toilet.

      We make our way into Chiang Mai's old town - a square section of the city completely surrounded by a perfect square of walls and a canal acting as a moat. On our way I grab a chocolate and banana waffle from 'JJ's Waffle' for breakfast which was lovely but probably not very Thai - either way cheers JJ.

      We had achieved peak tourist with Alfie reppin the infamous double backpack, plus giving us am exclusive look of his Valentine's Day monstrosity of a gift for Daisy. We end up going Wat (temple) hopping again which seems to be the hot thing to do in cities - but can definitely become repetitive. I feel like I'm soon gonna be Wat-ed out if I don't take a break.

      After a change into trousers and checking out Wat 1, we plan to meet with Sam and his new friend Ellie at the next Wat. We ended up hanging out with them for a few hours where I passed on my knowledge of Buddhism and Wat etiquette from Dang - where some hyper realistic monk wax figures thew us off completely. We then went to lunch at a sit down restaurant - even treating ourselves to a Leo beer. Out of Leo and Chang, I think I'm a Chang man. After stories from Sam's time in the RAF and Elsie's time as a respiratory nurse, we part ways so we can check in and shower at our hostels.

      After a decent length walk we arrive at our hostel, it was very nice and modern with a great vibe but also a ghost town, only seeing 1 person who didn't work there. The beds were small doubles which is a backpackers luxury so I'm definitely going to be happy tonight. After showering and more planning (who knew there'd be this much planning) we head to the Night Bazaar for some food and a mooch about. As it was Valentine's Day (happy Valentine's Day), Alfie had a long call with Daisy, which left me alone for over an hour - giving me my first taste of solo travelling. Wandering round the markets was cool as it had a lot more variety than Bangkok - with less knockoffs and more artisan things. It was around this time in the food stall sections that I had noticed that Chiang Mai felt alot more touristy than Bangkok, probably just because they were more concentrated, but definitely more white peeps.

      I grabbed some spicy food and sat down eating taking in the atmosphere, then grabbed a cold Smoothie to soothe my throat a little after the spice. After finishing my circle around the market, I ended up back at the start listening to some live music. Eventually I met back up with Alfie, having hinted to Daisy about his gift. We grabbed some dessert, got back to the hostel, did some booking and eventually went to sleep ready for our early staty for the Jungle Trek tomorrow.
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    • Day 13

      Thai Cooking Class

      February 8 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

      Für heute stand ein Thai Kochkurs an.
      Ziel: ein authentisches Pad Thai kochen (und vieles mehr). Als Erstes besuchten wir einen lokalen Markt, dies geführt von unseren Kochlehrerin.
      Sie erzählte uns einige interessante Fakten über die Lebensmittel die wir auch später für unsere Mahlzeiten brauchten.

      Nach der Tour durch den sehenswerten Morgenmarkt, fuhren wir zur Bio Farm.

      Bei der Farm angekommen, gab es eine Besichtigung vom eigenen Garten - auf dem Hof leben auch Schildkröten.

      Zum Kochkurs:
      Wir konnten selbst entscheiden was wir zubereiten/kochen wollten (siehe Menü Karte).

      Jeweils eine Suppe, ein Curry und ein Stir Fried.
      Der klassische Thai Tea sowie das empfehlenswerte Mango Sticky Rice war für alle vorgegeben.

      Gestarten haben wir mit der Zubereitung von der Curry Paste, die wir aus unterschiedlichen Zutaten gemahlen haben.

      Weiter ging es mit der Zubereitung von der Suppe und zuletzt mit dem Stir Fried.

      Mise au Place erledigt - nun kann endlich gekocht werden.

      Nach Vorgabe der Kochlehrerin kochten wir Step by Step die jeweiligen Menüs.

      Endlich: Mahlzeit! Es war alles soo lecker!

      Ohne grosse Erwatungen haben wir uns an den Kochkurs angemeldet, Fazit: ein Erlebnis!

      Mit vollem Magen verweilten wir am Nachmittag einmal mehr auf dem Hoteldach bei heissen 34 Grad und Sonnenschein.☀️
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    • Day 3–7

      Enfin arrivée (s).

      February 8 in Thailand ⋅ 🌙 24 °C

      Arrivée à Chiang mai avec un troisième vol dans le genre carlingue charette volante. Installation à la guest house bien confortable. Repas vitaminé et repos fort mérité. Nous y passerons quatres nuits pour récupérer du décalage horaire.Read more

    • Day 12

      Temple Visit / Muay Thai Training

      February 7 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

      Nach einem leckerenFrühstück machten wir einen längeren Spaziergang durch die Altstadt, wo wir bei folgenden Tempeln Halt machten:

      - Wat Phan Tao
      - Wat Pra Sing
      - Wat Tung Yu

      Beim Wat Tung Yu wurden wir von einem Volunteer über das Leben von Buddha aufgeklärt.

      Fazit: Jeder Tempel ist eine wahre Schönheit mit schönster Handarbeit und Handmalerei.

      Die Mittagszeit verbrachten wir am Pool und auf dem Hoteldach, um ein bisschen Vitamin D zu tanken.

      Wir hatten danach die super Idee oder fast ein Muss, eine Muay Thai Lesson zu besuchen…
      Um 16:00 begann die Hölle…nein, so schlimm war es nicht. Es war eine extrem coole Erfahrung und die Coaches nahmen sich reichlich Zeit um uns die Basics beizubringen.
      Selina durfte sich noch gegen einen 6 Jährigen messen, in einem Sparring (Lockeres Boxtraining gegen einen Gegner)
      Nach 2.5 Stunden waren wir fix & fertig, sowie verletztungsfrei.

      Die verdiente Abendessen schnabulierten wir im Night Market.
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    • Day 8

      Klasvriendje ontmoet, in Thailand!!

      February 4 in Thailand ⋅ 🌙 21 °C

      Omdat we zo'n leuk hotel hebben in Chiang Mai, daar vandaag nog extra lang van genoten. Nog eens gewandeld door de oude stad en een zilveren tempel bezocht. Daarna naar de zondagsmarkt, waar Yoko Ture van haar klas ontmoette! We hadden ook de Abdij van Vlierbeek kunnen kiezen, maar Chiang Mai is specialer.Read more

    • Day 7

      Bloemenfestival Chiang Mai

      February 3 in Thailand ⋅ 🌙 20 °C

      Vandaag de parade van het bloemenfestival gezien! Ongelofelijk hoeveel kleine bloemetjes er gebruikt werden om de praalwagens heel gedetailleerd af te werken. Yoko en Pj kochten een hoedje en Sien en Yoko crocs. Verder een lokale kermis gevonden! En goed gechilld aan het zwembad 😎.Read more

    • Day 6

      Chiang mai

      February 2 in Thailand ⋅ 🌙 20 °C

      Na een letterlijk bewogen nacht met de trein aangekomen in Chiang Mai rond 7u30. Yoko heeft toch 7 uur kunnen slapen, Pj en Sien... minder 🤣. Met de taxi naar ons hotel, gelukkig mochten we meteen gebruik maken van het zwembad! Rond de middag even een wandelingetje, maar Yoko bleek nu echt uitgeteld. Middagdutje dan maar, en om 18u opnieuw de stad in, want dit weekend is er het Flower Festival, met morgen een grote parade.Read more

    • Day 20–23

      Chiang Mai Day 1

      January 30 in Thailand ⋅ ☀️ 82 °F

      We flew from Bali to Singapore had a quick 1 hour layover then arrived in Chiang Mai. The hotel had a driver pick us up and bring us to our hotel called Coucou, it is a new hotel located in old town Chiang Mai. We got settled in and walked to a local restaurant for dinner. After dinner we walked around a local food market, got cleaned up and went to bed.

      Day 2- We woke up at 5:00am for a 6:30am Cultural tour. Which Included the following:

      - Visit the hidden forest temple(a female monk temple), experience the process of making merit in Buddhist’s way (Taamboon, offer food, pouring holy water), experience monks chanting, get blessed from Buddhist monks, etc…
      - Have breakfast at the temple (we ate the same breakfast as the monks after they finished)
      - Stopped for a coffee at a local shop located off the road. Such a yummy smooth coffee!
      - Visit the famous umbrella village “Ban Bosang village”
      - Visit the famous silk making village
      - Visit wood carving village “Ban Tawai”
      - Lunch, at a beautiful restaurant over looking the water.
      - In the afternoon visit two temples, 1. The holy temple “Wat Doikham” 2. The famous silver temple “Wat Srisuphan”

      After the tour our driver took us a to a local spa where we got amazing massages. We got back to the hotel, Klaus had some work calls and I got cleaned up for the evening.

      We went to a restaurant called Hummus for dinner, very nice change from Asian food. Amazing food and best baklava we have ever had. Walked back to the hotel, early morning of tours.
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    • Day 4

      Chiang Mai

      January 29 in Thailand ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

      Angekommen in Chiang Mai. Nach einer chaotischen Nacht im Zug sind wir in Chiang Mai angekommen. Wir haben leider falsche Tickets gekauft und mein Bett war am Ende vom Zug und Marvins am Anfang. Zum Schluss konnten wir doch noch tauschen… Dank den Mönchen😅

      Haben uns dann erstmal eine Massage gegönnt und was gegessen. Jetzt geht es mit dem Roller zum Tempel. 🤩
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