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  • Day5

    One Love, Santa Marta

    January 19, 2020 in Colombia ⋅ 🌙 25 °C

    Today was a very relaxing day! My parents went for yoga in the morning and they said it was the best yoga session they have ever had! Then my dad and I went to a river beach and you had to wade through water to get there, only knee high. When we got to the river beach my dad went swimming in the river whilst I threw rocks at him because he is my dad and thats what you are supposed to do to dads.

    In the evening we had dinner and there were 2 dogs there and one kept staring at us wanting food and the other one kept wanting strokes and cuddles and it was so cute!! We then went to go sit by a fire and look at the stars, there are so many but we couldn’t take photos because our cameras aren’t good enough😢.
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    Sylvia Carney

    Sounds like my sort of day...relaxing. X

    Kathleen Bird

    Sounds a lovely day. Perhaps I should tell Fay, Hugh and Lily that they should be throwing rocks at their dads too - they may not know. 😂😂. Fearne might be s bit too young yet. x


    yoga in Columbia, Yogalumbia? got to be careful about piranhas when u wade thru water though

    Lara Chadwick

    Yeah we saw a few haha