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  • Day4

    Travel to One Love, Santa Marta

    January 18, 2020 in Colombia ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Today we woke up at 5am!! Thats 11am UK time! It was so tiring but we packed up and went to the airport and took a 1 hr flight to Santa Marta.

    As we left Medellin I reflected on what an interesting introduction to Colombia it was! On one hand, it was so transformed, friendly, welcoming, and tourist friendly, and on the other hand, it felt like the problems where not that far away, maybe hidden under the surface. The people seem so optimistic and I hope that they continue to transform the city!

    We landed right by the sea!! We then drove about 2 hrs to our Hotel/reserve location. There are so many equine animals, horses, donkeys, mules, some of them were being ridden but some were being used for carrying things up the hill. When we arrived at the reserve we were greeted by the owners 11 dogs!

    Despite being in the middle of the jungle, this reserve is so modern and luxurious. The jungle is so inaccessible that we had to change cars part way through because only a special 4 wheel drive could get through!! This jungle is the 2nd most biodiverse place on the planet!!
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    Sylvia Carney

    Good write up Lara I feel like we are on the journey with you. Hope you get chance to chill on the loungers. Xx

    Kathleen Bird

    Hi Lara. Just found out about your site. Your journey sounds so exciting. I’m not sure if I’m officially following you!😄

    Bal Uppal

    Must be small 10 seaters planes for the small hops.