• Day66

    Batak values, Lake Toba, Indonesia

    February 15, 2020 in Indonesia ⋅ 🌧 24 °C

    This is a graffiti in Tuktuk. In Batak culture, the qualities of a king are written down in 8 traditional Toba Batak values. They point out what is expected by the community from their king. The graffiti shows rule no.8: «Sihorus na lobi, sigohi na longa; sipatuat na butong, sipanangkok na male»
    That means: Speak smart and wise.

    Here all 8:
    1. «Parbahul-bahul na bolon» that is, not easily angry or emotional, and hurt.
    2. «Partalaga so ra mahiang, paramak so ra balunon, parsangkalan so mahiang, partataring so ra mintop» that is, like to help others both materially and morally, advice at any time, in public interest.
    3. «Talu in huta, monang in balian» that is, succumbing to the common good.
    4. «Jinama Rungkung Jinama Pargolangan, tuk dohonon ni munsung ndang tuk jamaon ni hand» that is, does not promise something that is impossible to fulfill; or don't talk a lot without doing anything.
    5. «Tobu tolong na so marlaok bota, na so lupa di uhum na so lolos di tona» that is, act based on the rules and legal provisions and listen to the advice of others.
    6. «Elek tu na poso, hombar tu natua-tua» that is, close and attentive and incorporate the opinion of all parties.
    7. «Mangido is very grimy, mangido gogo tu babiat» that is, asking for advice from people who are right and not because of close friendship.
    8. «Sihorus na lobby, sigohi na longa; sipatuat na butong, sipanangkok na male» that is to speak smart and wise.
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