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  • Day65

    On the Road

    January 20, 2018 in Argentina ⋅ 🌬 17 °C

    We have hired a car. A white Geely sedan (never heard of them either) which Louis has christened 'lolly' (!). Runs fine, though she tends to pull right at random moments. Driving on the right also takes some getting used to but no mishaps so far.

    Have driven back into Argentina to visit the El Calaphate glacier. Have covered about 250km today through the Patagonia desert. Roads are paved but in complete disrepair. They also get noticeably worse the literal moment you cross the border into Argentina from Chile.

    At the border we were subjected to the least comprehensive security search in history. Guy had a quick glance in my bag and decided Louis' didn't look worth searching. Too busy dealing with the other non-existent travelers behind us perhaps.

    Currently parked outside the Mako Fuegos restaurant. They have great Wi-Fi and their open network stretches to the car.

    Pics: (1) The view for miles; (2) Lolly; (3) The featureless desert.
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