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  • Day20

    Bryce Canyon

    April 23, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    This is an amazing place and should be on the must see for everyone at some point. The day itself was struggle and one of the hardest days with the kids.

    It took us forever to get into the park,get a junior ranger booklet, get a shuttle and then finally to point 2, where Brandon had to listen to a geology talk to get his ranger badge.

    Bryce is different than the rest of the Colorado platue, as an ordinary process,the tectonic plates moving, 15 million years ago made extraordinary results due to the altitude of the canyon and leaving the hoodoos rock formations. It is no longer really a canyon anymore either.

    Bryce is small compared to some of the other national parks and it is able to be seen in a half day. We decided to hike the canyon, and took the sunset trail to sunrise trail along with Navajo trail. It was about 3 miles and it was down hill into the canyon and then back up.

    If it wasn't for kids (or Brandon), it would have been a fairly nice hike but it was a struggle for brandon. There was tears, tantrums and lots of complaining. No bribing worked this time. He made it though and we saw the beautiful national park.

    Brandon completed his ranger book and got his 3rd ranger badge. He also had 10 stickers on his rewards chart from various rewards for helping out and such so he was able to get a walking stick for future walks.

    That night we had a nice home cooked chicken dinner and even saw some deer at dinner time. We had an early fire and smores.
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