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  • Jun20

    Pico Sacro & more!

    June 20 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 55 °F

    One more sleep to Santiago de Compostela! Today was a smooth 24 km from Bandeira to A Susana. We passed the fabled Pico Sacro where, according to the Codex Calixtinus, two of St. James’ disciples went after approaching the evil Queen Lupa to ask for help constructing a tomb for the apostle’s remains. She sent them to the top of Pico Sacro to retrieve oxen that would help them carry out their task. It was a trick! When the disciples reached the top they encountered a dragon, which they handily defeated by making the sign of the cross. Now a believer, Lupa purportedly converted to Christianity and destroyed all pagan idols and temples, building the apostle’s tomb in their place. In 814 AD, a hermit saw lights glimmering in the oak groves and he stumbled upon the burial ground containing the relics of St. James. The bishop of Iria Flavia verified the remains, and it wasn’t long before King Alfonso II of Asturias made the journey from Oviedo to Compostela to pay homage. And hence, the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage was born! Other highlights today included Ponte Ulla, la Capilla de Santiago in Outeiro, some critter friends and statues, plus delicious mussels and traditional caldo gallego. A pretty great day!Read more