• Day7

    Day 7: World Robotic Olympic-Game Day 1

    November 26, 2016 in India ⋅ 🌫 18 °C

    New flash!! Evan and Kyran have made through to the finals tomorrow!! Woohoo! I guess bad rehearsal does make a good opening day!! After yesterday's disastrous practice day, I kind lost hope a bit. But guess what? They did amazingly during the actual game day! The boys are so relieved and excited!

    Sadly the other American teams didn't make it, which means the Awesome Blockies is the only team representing USA in the Olympic now.

    I always told the boys that the fact we are here means we have already won; but now we are going to the finals, my hope has gone up! It's so nice that all the hard work has paid off for them!

    They will be facing very strong competitions tomorrow (Russian, Chinese, German, South Korean, South African, Japan and some other teams are all through) with extremely strict single elimination rounds, meaning they only have one try to score perfect points in the shortest time. A lot of times, it comes down to luck. So please send us your good wishes again!

    The coolest thing about coming to Olympic is to meet people from other countries. Check out this awesome photo of Team USA and Team Iran! When the Iranians saw us taking a group photo, they said they wanted to join us. Of course we happily agreed. It doesn't matter how much our governments don't get along, we know we can be friends!

    The boys then walked around the hall and tried to talk to people from the all over the world, to exchange our American Flag pins with their trinkets. Check out all the stuff Evan scored from other countries !

    What an amazing experience it has been for all of us so far!

    Go USA!
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