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  • Day21

    Wonderful Wellington

    February 10 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Arrived in NZ’s capital city this morning. Often known as Windy Wellington, we were blessed with another beautiful day. We took a free tour of the Parliament Building known as The Beehive (for obvious reasons), and designed by Scottish architect Sir Basil Spence. Although based on the British system, it now operates on a system of proportional representation with only one house (of Representatives) - UK take note.

    We then took the famous Wellington cable car one way up, and walked all the way back via the beautiful Botanic Gardens, stopping for coffee in the lovely rose garden on the way. Our final attraction was the fabulous Te Papa Tongarewa - the National Museum of New Zealand, and we benefitted from a great guide who showed is the highlights of New Zealand history and Maori treasures. A highlight of our visit was a special exhibition telling the story of the Gallipoli campaign in World War 1 though the eyes of NZ soldiers. The exhibition featured huge lifelike figures (2.5 larger than life size) with amazing detail. I remembered that my Mum’s Uncle John fought in the Dardanelles in 1915 and wrote a poem about the experience which was published. I still have a copy somewhere.

    Another ‘character’ has emerged amongst our fellow passengers, who reminded us our dear departed friend Jean. Dining alone (table for one, please), she was always surrounded by young waiters, entertaining them with her stories. Last night we had a film showing of BBC’s Life on Earth 2 accompanied a live orchestra. ‘Of course you realise I’m a founder member of the World Wildlife Fund’ announced Jean to anyone who would listen ‘and David has painted me lots of pictures which I have shown in my gallery’. David, it emerged was none other than Mr Attenborough himself!
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