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  • Day18

    Chadron, NE

    September 10, 2021 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Wow what a couple of days. First you have to meet Cody Anderson. My day on Thursday started with Cody riding his bike up to me on the highway and asking, “you got bear spray?!” When I told him I didn’t (was there some random bear up the road? in NE?) he said I should take his since he’s heading east and won’t need it anymore on his trip. I gladly accepted and Cody went on to explain the long list of records he holds and his accomplishments that have been recognized by several US presidents. This all came out so fast I was stunned silent.
    He told me to Google him- which I later did…and some of what he said was actually true. He left me with this tidbit of advice, “you got to get way more lights on the back of your bike, look at mine! Someone rolls up on me at night I look like a two car accident with an ambulance on scene!” I couldn’t stop laughing for the rest of the day. Thanks Cody.

    Took a day off in Chadron and stayed with Warm Shower hosts Steve and Cheryl. Truly incredible people who have more stories about traveling the world on bike free camping everywhere they went- with their toddler in tow for long stretches of it. They have had such a colorful life and now live in a great little place with the vast majority of what they eat coming from their gardens and chickens. Met one of their friends as well who has even more incredible stories of her adventuring and protesting Uranium mining since the ‘60s. Really kind, smart, impactful people. Was actually hard to leave them this morning. Added them to the list of new friends I’ve got to get back to see.

    Should be crossing into Wyoming tomorrow. Huzzah!
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