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  • Day8

    Adelaide,South Australia

    March 23, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Adelaide ,South Australia.
    Our sea days are full of all sorts of things ,and yesterday a very nice gathering of all types of Crafters, Quilters ,embroiders ,knitters, and more a large friendly group. The focus knitting baby hats for the Durban Hospitals ,almost 300 already made ,but on going so equipped with the “Round Needles”,and donated wool, off at a clip, some instruction, complicated ,so chose my way, and a new and good experience..Some are knitting hats for the Militarily ..U.S.. not likely thought I…! Met nice folk and look forward to the next session.
    A meeting of Bloggers ,interesting, some very complicated Bloggers, and people wanting just simple presentation, to be up and running so I am assisting a nice couple.. Later our Port talk for Adelaide , and after dinner ,the show of Katei, amazing young man with the violin ,so talented ,and later they had a special showing for the crew, in the theater, never happened before, and we were all so delighted .
    Today ,on a perfect morning ,we came into Adelaide, outer Harbour so a train journey to the city. .Walked a distance,early, along Memorial walk, beautiful trees , gardens, statues, Art Gallery , Museums ,Cathedrals, to the University, then the Botanical Gardens ,lovely, and through to the Zoo… as Zoos go, this is superb. Leafy ,huge trees ,paths through to lawns ,picnic areas . Our mission here was to see the Pandas .That we did, in abundance ,Wang Wang and Fu Ni, looking so pristine ,were such a delight. Let out for the first time for the day, and before feeding, Wang Wang wandered all around, close to us ,they are kept in a very nice tree filled, rock ledged ,enclosure ,so plenty of shade ,and places to explore which he did…Not many people, so great viewing ,thrilled to bits. Of all the places we have been, here in Adelaide so accessible , a great wish fulfilled.
    Just a detour back to the gates, and along the way, the dear wee Meercats, so close you could almost touch them, whole Family, Father on watch, tiny ones learning to stand tall ,the cutest things so an added bonus for our day.
    Out again near the trees with thousand’s of BATS,[ Sam hates them], very noisy, and hanging out for the day… I’m a little fascinated…
    Walking through the leafy University area, and back to Rundle Mall, quick lunch, then to the new Convention Centre ,where there was the Quilt display and Craft Fair, weelllll, can you imagine ,an overload of wonderment, [Sam went to the Riverside ] So much to ingest. All manner of ideas and things to buy .[I didn’t] Classes happening in all sorts of things, then the displays, one man stood out ,Danny Amazonas, who welcomed photos, most didn’t, especially the sellers .His quilts were beyond comprehension really, amazing, an Artist ,now Quilter ,simply beautiful, huge and glorious…Food for the soul.!
    Happily back on the train to the Outer Harbour, cool and very scenic through the suburbs ,the older colonial homes, of many designs, beautifully kept, and so many of them ,in the tree lined and bougainvillea filled streets, also some Jacarandas ,with their stunning blue blooms, so memories of a day in Adelaide, are filled with so many lovely things ,sometimes it all comes together, and today was one of those days. We both loved it all.
    You need to look back on this whole BLOG ,as you do not get as many notifications as you should, and I have posted twice ,sometimes with extra pictures.
    Lovely Mum is enjoying the Blog with Thelma.
    Love from us Faye and Sam.
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