• Day92

    Bacalar & Laguna Milagros

    June 21, 2015 in Mexico ⋅ ☁️ 29 °C

    Continuing south from Playa De Carmen we head to Bacalar (famous for its 7 colour lake). The bus stop and surrounding buildings look like a scene out of Mad Max. We stay at Casa China which turned out to be better than we expected. The majority of the town is built on the edge of the lake.

    The next morning we hire kayaks and explore part of the lake. The water is pristine and the colour is constantly changing due to the varied depth and cenotès underneath. There's a stop at one of the islands for a snack then Wei (the Asian dolphin) decides to swim back to shore.

    We decide to stroll into town and on the way we stop by at a local bar for a refreshing beer and listen to some ear bleeding music performed by some stoned ex-pat local's.

    Later on we had into the town square (which is a remarkable contrast to the bus stop we arrived at) and witness crowds of people gathering round after the Bacalar Swim Comp which allegedly had 1000 participants earlier that day.

    It's time to call it another day as we had back to the hostel to brace the invasion of mosquitoes and 400% humidity.

    Next stop is Laguna Milagros based on a place Trav found on airbnb. The place is owned and run by Gringo Dave and features 5 cabanas on the lake. It's not as cool as its looks on the net and the outdoor kitchen is manky. The cabana has 2 bedroom with a big deck and isn't too bad. The beds both hang from the ceiling which is a nice touch providing you don't get seasick. We had to almost beg Gringo Dave for another fan so that we didn't dehydrate from humidity through the night.

    Trav and Wei embark on another long distance swim to the platform in the middle of the lake.
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