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  • Day13

    Tour Of Dar-es-salaam

    February 12, 2018 in Tanzania ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Got an Uber to pick me up at 10:00 am after breakfast. Destination was the National Museum & cultural house. The best part of the museum was the section that highlighted the discovery of skeletons of early man and chronicled the evolution of homosapien. A section of the museum also displayed the various cars used by the first president of the republic. In all it was an educative visit.

    Next I strolled down to the botanical garden which was next door, place looked very run down and not appealing from the main road so I didn’t bother to go in. After locating a supermarket and buying a refreshing soft drink I approached some local taxis to take me to the Village museum, but alas communication was a problem again, the drivers didn’t understand English, so I hailed Uber and was taken to the wrong village museum highlighted on the Uber map. After alighting and walking around and not being able to locate the museum, I eventually googled it and discovered its actual location and hailed another Uber driver.

    The village museum had several traditional houses from the different tribes in Tanzania, it was interesting to see how the various tribes built and arranged their houses, ranging from those built with mud to those built with sticks and twigs.

    From the village museum I proceeded to City mall (another Uber ride) to have lunch and then to the hotel to rest.

    At 8:00 pm I called an Uber to take me to Elements at Oyster bay for dinner. Elements was deserted so instead I asked the driver to drop me off at Mamboz Masaki. Had mashed potatoes which looked like strips from an ice cream machine with steak. Lovely dinner. Returned back to the hotel shortly after 11:00 pm.
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