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  • Day14


    February 13, 2018 in Tanzania ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    The day didn’t start off as planned. The first Uber driver who accepted the tripped cancelled after wasting almost 30 minutes claiming traffic was too much en route to my hotel. I asked him to cancel the trip so I wouldn’t be charged Tsh 3,000 but he refused and ignored me, so I cancelled and immediately sent a message to Uber who responded quickly apologizing for the driver and ensuring I wasn’t unfairly charged. The second Uber driver called back after a short while claiming he had been held up by the police for not paying for something, he asked me to cancel the trip as it was within the 5min limit but when I checked it was 7 minutes so I asked him to reject it so I wouldn’t be charged which he did. The 3rd Uber driver came unfailing but alas I had already wasted 1hr+.

    My destination was Kariakoo Market, haven read a lot about the market being crowded and a heaven for pick pockets, I moved my wallet to my jeans front pocket and increased sensors on that region and frequently tapped my pocket or held it to ensure no hanky panky. Kariakoo market is very big with different sections. I started with the main building before going through the surrounding streets. Couldn’t really locate any cloth unique to Tanzania, tried negotiating a few materials but the language barrier was an issue so we resulted in pointing and pressing calculators.

    After about an hour I got a taxi to take me to Quality Centre, a shopping mall where I had launch first, ordering a banana porridge with mean. I was expecting our type of porridge but lo and behold what I was given was a starter like soup made from banana with pieces of meat inside. It tasted very nice but wasn’t going to hold my stomach walls apart, so I called the Indian supervisor who took my order and placed order for chips and chicken. The chicken was very deliciously grilled. After lunch I walked round the mall, found a souvenir shop where I bought an African print shirt for Tsh 35,000, with nothing else worth buying for the kids and folks at home I called for an Uber and proceeded to Mlimani mall which I had visited on the first day I arrived in Dar-es-salaam, there I was able to buy a couple of clothes at Splash for the kids spending a total of Tsh 340,000. After which I bought 3 pieces of chicken from KFC at Tsh 11,000 before calling for an uber to take me home.
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