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  • Day6


    December 18, 2018 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    After an awesome sleep-in today, Ted and I headed out to try and find a decent breakfast, as this hotel doesn't include it. It did have the option of paying $20 but since it seemed somewhat steep, we settled for a cafe across the street for rolls and coffee.

    Ted was keen on seeing some of the sights that he hadn't seen previously. I wanted to show Ted the nearby Raffles hotel but clearly I should've done some research first, as the hotel was being renovated until the middle of 2019! We still looked through the gift shop at the expensive souvenirs.

    We then headed towards the Merlion, no doubt the most recognisable sight of Singapore. It seemed like every other tourist in town had the same idea too but it was still worth a visit. Since we didn't do it last night, we took the elevator to the observation deck of the Marina Bay Sands. The price also included a Singapore Sling cocktail at the top.

    The view was really amazing to say the least, and I thought it was worth the money. Ted wasn't keen on his cocktail due to the sugar content and for me, one was enough anyway. I almost bought the tourist photo taken but since we'd already spent enough money, ended up passing it up.

    My inner geek was keen to see the DC Super Heroes Cafe, so since it was nearby, we headed there to check it out. Of course I enjoyed it a lot more than Ted! It was really well set up with a restaurant, gift shop and a lot of merchandise. The effort used to construct it was impressive. I stayed to have a coffee there, and was tempted to steal the menu as well.

    Unfortunately this humidity has meant that I needed to do laundry again so we found a coin laundromat in nearby Chinatown whilst we explored the area. After returning to the hotel, Ted had a nap before we headed out to dinner. We found another cafe next door which offered breakfast before having a salmon salad (me) and Popeye's (Ted) for dinner at the nearby Cathay shopping mall.

    I was interested in seeing the new Aquaman movie so I stayed for the film and caught up with Ted afterwards. Ted wanted to go to a local venue so we caught the metro back into Chinatown to have a look around. The area wasn't as animated as we'd expected at night. and it turned out the venue was having a quiet night anyway! Since Tuesday nights weren't really a happening thing in Singapore, we came back to the hotel to chill instead.
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