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  • Day28

    26. Colombia - Mompox

    September 19, 2019 in Colombia ⋅ ☁️ 79 °F

    Mompox is a tiny town along the Magdalena River where we stayed one night, mostly because it was on the route to our eventual destination (Ecuador), and we had to stop somewhere. The town is known for its colonial culture, so we toodled around for 2 hours or so before moving on. A few pix attached.

    The hostel where we stayed was run by a young man named Jesus, who fled from Venezuela to find work to support a child and her mother who are still there. I'm sure most of you know the dreadful plight that the Venezuelan people are dealing with, which includes corrupt government, crumbling infrastructure, no work, no food in the stores, and rampant inflation. Although my Spanish is improving, we chatted mostly by using the Google translation app, which he was not familiar with. I helped him find and download it to his phone. He said he will use it to learn English and try to find a way to make it to the US so he can make some money.
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