• Day27

    Almost half way there

    September 7, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    We have now entered what is called the meseta, 231 klms of wheat fields, basically the bread basket of Spain, and they eat a lot of bread🥪!, me too atm. I'm developing a very nice carb baby! 😲
    It's mostly flat but we have encountered a few steep hills as we rise up to the meseta from the small towns in between.
    We had our 34th wedding anniversary in Burgos(7sept) and got a cheap hotel to celebrate. It was nice to sleep in a big bed rather than a bunk and to have our own bathroom. It seemed like such a luxury.
    I'm totally fine with the dorm and bunk situation. You make your own little space usually and they are mostly very comfortable mattresses. Lights out at 10pm and up at 6-7am.
    In Burgos we took a tour of the cathedral which was consecrated in 1260. It's huge and full of mind blowing chapels, cloisters, art, plasterwork and gillding. By the end of the tour we were somewhat overwhelmed. The tomb of El Cid is there too. He was a Castillian warlord born near to Burgos in 1043.
    After the cathedral we saw wedding guests from a wedding in the chapel cathedral. All kitted out in gorgeous dresses immaculate and beautiful. I did Feel a bit odd mingling with them in my hiking shorts and socks with sandals(to aid blister healing)
    We had a delicious meal and I tried the local morcilla black pudding, very yummy. Mark had a perfect salmon pastry parcel and vegetables.
    We walked home in the bitter chill wind. 🍃
    Seems like Spain turns off summer on September 1st. That's it, that's yer lot, it's all over red rover.

    The next few mornings were crisp and what you might call fresh. But it does feel like such a privelege to be up and walking as the sun comes up. 🌅
    In the last few days, we upped our klms and did a few 20-22 ishklm days, so today we chose a less taxing day of only 10 with multiple coffee stops, foot airing breaks and well it'd be a crime not to try those chocolate croissants wouldn't it.
    At days end when we arrive at our albergue the first thing we want to do is get our boots off. Release the toes, it's such a pleasure to take off the boots and thank the feet for another day.
    I'm pretty amazed those feet have now walked me 357 klms, we still have a few more to go to make it to the end at Santiago which will be 800 klms and maybe even to finnisterre, the end of the earth🌏
    But I know I can do it now.
    Just put one foot in front of the other and keep going 😁 🚶🚶 🚶
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    Mo Godbeer

    Burgos Cathedral splendour

    Mo Godbeer

    Ceilings in Burgos cathedral

    Mo Godbeer

    Supposed to be El Cids Coffin

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