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  • Day7

    JAX, we’re really happy we’re here now!

    July 31 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    At first I was irritated and thought people here just don’t give a damn. Everybody playing music without headphones on inside the bus and watching TV, etc. Until I kindly asked our seat neighbor to put his headphones in or to turn it down a bit at least. Turned out he didn’t own any. After giving him the free sample I still had from our flight to the US he thanked me like 4 times and by the time we got out of the bus he stood up and thanked me again. What kind of country is this where people don’t have enough money to own headphones but a regular night in a hostel, Airbnb or any accommodation costs 250$ on average. Nothing too fancy, though… -
    Oi, we’ve missed getting out at our stop. What a pity. Just another gas station…
    The second one was still in Jacksonville, a caramel coffee and free Taco Bell wifi later we tried our best to either hitchhike (didn’t work out) or battled about who’s going to die first while crossing a big ass road to go to the bus stop.
    Half an hour later, perceived 40 degrees Celsius at least and a really long walk of 850m we’re at the bus stop, apparently. Just a red sign.
    Whatever, it’s only 1,75$ per person for a distance of 1 1/2 hours.
    Getting settled in the cute hut we are going to share with our host, Mike and then taking the bicycles to get acquainted with the beach. DREAMY. Fresh salty breezing air, sand as soft and white as a baby’s botty.
    Water’s having a fantastic temperature.
    After showering and staying in the bathroom for what feels like eternity to get rid of all the dirt and memories from the bus ride we go to the closest bar which coincidentally was the one our host would be advertising the most. Justifiably! The food was just awesome and compared to anywhere we’ve eaten before quite a normal European price and amount of food. Also: we’re getting used to paying the 20% tip…
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