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  • Day24


    June 4, 2019 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

    I'm in sunshine.
    I'm in warmth.
    I'm in Italy.
    Yesterday I sat in Berat Albania watching the heavy rain from my hotel, praying it would stop or at least ease before I had to leave at 3pm. It didn't so I lined my boots with plastic bags and set off to the port of Durres to catch the 10pm ferry to Bari Italy because like another motorcyclist I met on board the ferry I'd had enough of the rain in Albania and abandoned plans to go to Greece and Corfu. It rained most of the way but not all the way to the port. When I arrived I sat with 10 motorcyclists from the Czech Republic who had shipped thier bikes to Greece and where riding them back home after playing in the mountains of Montenegro. They booked on one ferry and I on the other. As it turned out we were all on the same ferry which was fun. As we got off they headed north and I head south to Lecce. I stopped at a filling station just outside Bari and checked my email to see my friend Bill had moved from Lecce and i remembered a find Penguins note from John saying Matera is really nice. So thanks John it is very nice indeed as you will see from the photos. It's a world heritage site of some significance. Google it if you like history.
    On the way from the port to Matera I rode for about an hour through vine yards and at one point was surprised to see a young lady pop out from between the rows wearing a bikini and nothing else then a bit further and there was another. I was curious as there isn't a beach anywhere near then a bit further and a girl wearing a bikini and fish net stockings pops out and waves. I don't think they were selling grapes.
    I'm in a hostel called Rock Star in Matera and as usually have met interesting guests. Tomorrow morning I breakfast with Bill and decide where to head next on my way to Sicily.
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