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  • Day294

    El Chalten

    February 12, 2019 in Argentina ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Well, what can I say?! El Chalten is the home of the most famous piece of rock in Patagonia. Fitz Roy! I saw a climbing film a few years ago about the first travers across all 7 peaks of the range and I was intrigued ever since.
    The town itself is pure here because of the mountain, so it’s a climbing and trekking Mecca. With loads of walking tails for day hike and beyond, it’s a very cool place and I scored the weather!!
    I only stayed two nights, but the first full day i had here, I did two day hikes back to back, around 45km and 10 hours with a stop to take the views! Fitz Roy was amazing, truly unbelievable when I first saw it properly just after 7am. I think I laughed for an hour! There’s a big old lake up under the range which was a great place to chill for an hour and get some photos. I got up the 4/5 hour hike in 2.5 hours, so I was feeling very smug coming down meeting the people is past on the way up!
    Once I was down form the lake, I was heading home to see what else I could do, but then I saw a sign for Lago Torre, checked the map and went with it! Another 10km later, I found myself at another lake, this time with a glacier at one end and a Hugh tower of rock next to it. I did not expect that! I chilled for a bit more then headed back into town for a well deserved local beer!
    Next day, I got up a little later, but then headed out to another view point. I realised that when I got there, there was another peak to climb, so I did, it was steep! Especially with a bit of leg ache from the day before. I’m glad I did though as it was an awesome 360 view of the area, peaks and lakes! I was leaving later in the day, so I got myself down in quick time.
    Both days had millions of caterpillars on the trail, and I mean millions! I’d lobe to see the place in a week or so as there would be millions of butterflies. It was like a plague! Walking through the forest, it took me a while to figure out the the sound I could hear, which sounded like rain through trees, was in fact far caterpillars falling from the trees onto the floor. I really can’t explain how many there were, but maybe like looking at the stars on a really clear night. Caterpillars!! Everywhere!!!!
    I left at 6pm to go to El Cafaete
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