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  • Day3

    Chicken n beer

    December 10, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    While we were at the cricket Isabel found the little restaurant called "Chicken n beer", it had a Friday special for $1 ribs and $40 beer tower. Since we have been craving ribs for a while now we decided to go there after the cricket.

    When the waiter said 12 ribs per person is a medium size portion we should have known these ribs was not going to be pork ribs and maybe the restaurants name should have given us a hit. However I have never really seen or heard of chicken ribs being worthwhile to eat, I mean KFC don't have chicken ribs on their menu.

    When the ribs arrived we all looked at the plate and it was like the light went on for all us at the same time as we realized for the first time we are having chicken ribs. It was hilarious!

    The ribs or whatever part of the chicken was amazing, it only had a very thin bone and loads of juicy meat. Best of all it was fried to perfection even Isabel said she loved it.

    On a side note, someone on a NZ radio said, there are two kinds of people those who love fried food (I am one of those) and those who say the don't like fried food but actually they do (Isabel for sure).

    Tonight I learned 2 things; how to pour a beer out of a beer tower and that chickens have ribs and they taste much better than any chicken wing I have ever had.

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