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  • Day2

    Ho Chi Minh home

    January 14, 2017 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    The uber dropped us off in a very small alleyway, and in the middle of the old, rugged looking street is a brand new modern apartment building. The security guard wants to take our passports which neither of us are entirely comfortable with but luckily our host warned us beforehand , it general practice in Vietnam to register guests (hotel and any other) at the police office. Roedolf gave his expired passport and I handed my almost full Gouws passport. No one can tell what they actually do with the info, I doubt they reconcile to the border entries . Noone blinked over R'a expired passport.... this still baffles me.

    Anyways our host is an American teacher who recently moved to Vietnam, we are the first people in his brand new modern apartment. It was comforting to be welcomed by a English host after very limited English in Vietnam so far, at least we know we have some sort of a lifeline. What a great feeling to know we are the first to use everything, shower, ac (a powerful heavenly one ), hairdryer etc. (makes me consider building a house from scratch)The cleaniness is quite a contrast to the filthy city.

    Other that the wifi that wasn't working (we were not really surprised) and the shower that is leaking a bit everything was perfect. There were two bottles of water and local beers in the fridge to make us feel at home.
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